Friday, May 30, 2008

if you're here for the knitting it's at the end

I've had May 29th circled on the calendar for weeks
D day
D for Doctor and the Dreaded Annual ... ahem... consultation of a feminine nature that doesn't involve getting one's boobs mashed flat.
Yes, the other one.

normally routine if borderline unpleasant, so I wasn't really prepared for the news that at some time in the not too distant future I'm likely to need surgery and also that my BP is once again somewhere up in the stratosphere.

So here I am with a wee little loaner BP monitor, dutifully monitoring for a week and then we'll 'discuss' the results.

insert calming spinning pic:

Anyway after that little lot, I decided on some retail therapy and headed to Bendigo to buy cowboy boots [ which are on order from the states, 3 months delivery time and let me just say RoseRed m'dear? you are going to LOVE them ] to pick up some fabric from Honeysuckle Patchwork, take a cruise through Bendigo Woollen Mills - where for the first time EVER I bought precisely NOTHING - and some minor clothes shopping: two pairs of leggings, three baby doll dresses - one was only $6 - and a couple of long sleeved skivvyish things...
oh and the other reason for heading that way - to pick up a lampshade I'd ordered.
I inherited this particular standard lamp when mum passed away in 1994, had it in storage until I moved up here, and it's taken me till now to find a shade I liked. No point in rushing things!

Timed the arrival back in Castlemaine to perfection for picking up the boy and home for a couple of hours worth of ignoring the state of the laundry.

After Dave headed off for his social group, I jumped back in the car and had dinner with Robyn and Martin. Then Rob and I went to singing practice for a couple of hours. A nice end to a day that could've started better.

and here's the recent knitting that I've been promising photos of for at least the last week:
one of three identical short scarves - short versions of The Yarn Harlot's celebrated One Row Handspun Scarf.
I had a 200 gram ball of BWM 50/50 wool angora that I'd dyed and I wanted three scarves for the aunts and my godmother, long enough to cross over in front and button close about the neck so I knitted for about 65 grams, cast off with buttonholes, and then did it again twice more. I need to decide on the buttons and actually sew the beggars's the different buttons I'm considering. Opinions?

a pair of teeny newborn track pants in Panda Soft Magnum [ DK/8 ply/sport, 3.5 and 4mm needles ] - still needs sewing up - ETA Patons [ Australia ] Book 6000 Quick and Easy baby Knits
and another EZ Surplice Baby Jacket in Sirdar Snuggly [ DK / 4mm needles ] which is actually finished - except for the buttons - but I haven't uploaded a photo yet so you'll have to make do with an in-progress for now :] Vogue Knitting International Spring 2007

and I gave this and matching bootees to my friend Karen's new little grandson, Jeremy Thomas Cox. Somewhere there is a photo of it complete with its cute little green and white buttons. If I ever find it again, you'll get to see it.
I think I may have reached my current tolerance for garter stitch.


Rose Red said...

are the cowby's red by any chance??!! woo hoo! (or should that be yee haaaaaaaaaa!) Am all excited to see them!!

Hmm, buttons. I think I like the heart in the middle. And I have that baby pattern book - snap!! Good basics, aren't they.

Alice said...

Sorry to hear about the BP and the 'other'. Hope it's all a false alarm. Of course the BP could take a battering around 22/6 but should fall for a while after

Alwen said...

Sorry about the BP and the other, but oooh, what nice soothing spinning!

Tanya Brown said...

So sorry about the health issues. I'm going to hope that the BP, at least, is a figment of the stress of seeing a doctor.

I admire your productivity. People must feel so blessed and pampered when they receive one of your pieces.

jane said...

Sorry for not so good news but hope it gets better and manageable and that things settle into a gentle warm wet winter...lots of grass for animals to eat in Spring.
Hugs and Purrs.

Carol said...

Surround yourself only with that you love and hopefully the BP will sort itself out. As for the knitting,superb! Can't wait to see the boots. And the button... I like the one on the right (top).

Olivia said...

I'm sorry about the health news. Hope it is all sorted out easily.

I can't wait to see your cowboy boots, I bet they will be fabulous!

Love the scarf, I have a project like that planned too (three mini scarves for friends, on a tight deadline).

Tania said...

Sorry to hear about the health news too :(

Love the scarf.

And I really hope you blog those babies (the boots) when they arrive, they sound purdy!