Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today I...

drove across to Daylesford, passing through some beautiful rural aussie countryside on the way there.
That's Mount Franklin at the left of photo 1 - an extinct volcano with a picnic ground in the center of the caldera. The hand built stone fences probably date back to the 1800s
Silk paper which is what I was there to teach
had a great time
dropped into Spa Quilters for a cuppa and a chat rather than trot straight home

[and there were choc coated shortbreads!! ]

goats, cats, ducks, mini horses, dog and new puppies - present and accounted for and doing fine. No other names for the puppies yet but PND and Brenda are due back on Saturday. Privately I've been calling big, boofy boy #2, "Bear"


Di's Quilting and Craft Blog said...

This looks very interesting. How? and Why? Love the texture.

Barb said...

Silk paper! Fantastic. Used as paper after the fact, or textile? Or just held and admired as a thing o beauty and a joy forever?

Alwen said...

Wow. Pretty paper. And scenery. :)

catsmum said...

silk paper can be used for all sorts of things - bags, cards, "vessels" but I mainly chop it up and use it to create framed silk kimono images.

Carol said...

Absolutely beautiful countryside pictures. You just can't beat it can you. And the silk paper looks gorgeous.