Friday, February 01, 2008

you make my day

I've been tagged again - this time by the lovely Robbyn at Yarnpath [ who doesn't mind sharing the spelling of her name with one of my goats and actually has a picture of the caprine version on her desktop]

So I'm supposed to nominate 10 bloggers who make my day... 10 people whose written contributions amuse, inform or uplift me in some way.
and of course this is where it gets hard because I want to nominate the writers of all the blogs I regularly read but of course I can't - so here goes, in no particular order:
Sheepish Annie
Ms Vicki Frou Frou who doesn't blog as often as I'd like
Mia the Stoned Knitter [ who is the only other blogger I know who knits, quilts and clogs ]
and of course I'm totally biased but last, and most definitely not least, has to be my darling, witty daughter Nadie
and yes I know that's more than 10 - so sue me!
so there ya go - go visit and see if you can work out why I LOVE these women.

afterthought pic - these are the tie-on cotton headbands I made for Nadie [ denim ] and her friend, Fi, [ pink ].
Fi being MissC's original Mum.
oh, and speaking of MissC - her love for Threebie has obviously rekindled of late. There was some serious snuggling going on in the spare room:


Mt Perry Quilters said...

Hi Susan
We want to ask for your permission to use a published pattern of yours for a Raffle quilt for a cancer fundraising night in October 2008. Can you reply to our email address please.
Ruth (Mt Perry Quilters)

catsmum said...

Hi Ruth [ and Mt Perry girls ]
I don't have access to your email addy so I've replied [ yes of course you can ] to the latest post on the group blog. Hope that's ok.

Mt Perry Quilters said...

Thanks Susan
it's the Indigo Log Cabin from APQ in 2004. We wanted a non pink quilt for cancer fundraising in October 2008. We will post pics on our blog as we go.
Ruth( MPQ)

Mia said...

awww.. thanks. YOU made MY day today. And I needed that :)

Sara said...

Hi, I love it when people pick their favorite blogs - cause it gives all of us a chance to see who else is out there that we might not know!!! And, you have some really goods one! They deserved the award!!

Tanya Brown said...

Thanks Susan! You made my day! Of course, that's often the case; I greatly enjoy reading your posts, even though my comments on them are inane.

I've loved seeing what you're knitting and crocheting lately. I think you must be the world's fastest, or close to it, at both arts.

Bells said...

oh thank you. You and your goats make me smile too! I really need to do my post on this!

Jejune said...

Oooh, thank you for the nomination :) You've cheered me up no end!

MadMad said...

Aw, thank you - as you know, you make my day, too! I LOVE coming to visit. Speaking of that, man, are you on (knitting) fire! Such cool tops!

Hope the cat bite feels better soon.

Nora said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! x

[Did you take a peek at the quilts?]