Monday, February 18, 2008

where did last week go?

Dropped D off, had a quick coffee, headed out to Fryerstown for a dance class, home to do some goat wrangling, back into town to pick D up, a couple of hours knitting and then out again for the 100 km round trip to Daylesford for Clogging class and supermarketing after. Gotta love that the Daylesford Coles is open until 10 and stocks stuff the IGA here doesn't. It's nice and empty at 9pm as well. No strange people blocking the aisles and no out of control feral children
quilt class here between the trips into town to drop off and pick up the boy, goat wrangling, knitting, and then out for the slightly longer drive to Maiden Gully for Clogging again.
Three hours of high impact tap after a 'rather warm' summer day. Insane.
It was a rather weird day for me. The first time in Nadie's 26 years that we haven't spent it together... and yes I know that had to happen eventually but still, it felt odd.
I was supposed to be at quilt group but instead I had a fibro-induce-fall-in-a-heap day and only turned up to patchwork for the last half an hour to say hi. If you need an explanation for the tiredness, see above about tap classes.
oh yeah - well that was the day that my dear friend Corrie was coming up from Melbourne on the train for a one-on-one class. She has the trains timed to perfection. Dropped David off, picked her up 5 minutes later, quick detour for cappuccinos, back to mine for the day and then popped her back on the train after we picked David up [ and fitted in another coffee for her and Diet Coke Spiders for myself and the lad ]
Back to Fryerstown for Line Dancing, and I have absolutely no recollection of what I did with the rest of the day.
Left around lunchtime with David, to drive down to Melbourne. Requisite stop for Maccas at Calder Park - if he asks clearly, he gets!
Anyway got to Nadie's place around 3.3o and spent a couple of hours with her and The Boy who were keeping David company while I went to an opera recital with Corrie and her beloved. It was also an opportunity for David and myself to give DD her birthday pressies - a four man tent from me and blue stained glass candle holders from him - and a half finished skirt that I needed to try on her before going any further.
The recital was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I'll leave it at that because I'm on overload.
Back by 10.30 to find Nadie in bed feeling seedy but not seedy enough to stop her heading off camping the next morning.
and finally Sunday - drove home around lunchtime after taking Nadie's Chris to work. Rest of the day spent cat and goat wrangling and doing absolutely NO HOUSEWORK AT ALL

So it's Monday now, and I've had The Lad home all day because he wouldn't get out of bed this morning.
Not surprising, after all he did have a big weekend too.
Obviously that meant I didn't go dancing this morning and now Karen has rung to say she's working tonight... which means no Daylesford. Somehow I think David and I are both glad to stay home.

So I spent my suddenly free day, goat wrangling, watching Torchwood DVDs , and finishing Nadie's skirt.

Not The Ogee Skirt
Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8 ply [ dk or sport]
3.75mm hook [ American Boye F - a size that doesn't exist in Oz but Maz gave me this one ]

Nadie and I both love the Ogee Skirt from Interweave Knits but I couldn't handle the 8mm needles plus I didn't really have a suitable yarn in the stash to get gauge and I am trying to use stash wherever possible this year.
So I designed my own crochet version.
All it's got in common with the original is that they both wrap and would look great over jeans [ or bellydancing ]

Oh and do you know what else I did this week? Nearly forgot... I got back to my spinning and nearly filled two bobbins but I'll leave that for tomorrow cos I'm all tuckered out just writing all this down.


Quilting Diva said...

I'd love to see pictures of goat wrangling....

Mia said...

That made me tired just READING it! Except for the dancin' part.. that sounded like FUN :)

blessed speedy said...

And I thought I was busy -BTW love the skirt

Alwen said...

Whew, I'm fanning myself reading all that, and it's down to -7 C here!

Time to put your feet up (I know, I know), as much as you can, anyway.

mehitabel said...

Does sound as if it was a fun week, even though it was exhausting. Well, except for the FMS meltdown... Mine has been acting up and it couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time. Not that there ever is...Isn't it almost time for some cat and goat pictures?

Jejune said...

What a busy week!!

Love the skirt, Dotter and I are totally hooked on belly dancing, and are looking for suitable things to make to wear!