Thursday, February 21, 2008

An 'interesting' day - with photos right at the end

Jeanette and I decided that today would be a good day to go over to Daylesford.
We were both free for a few hours, so why not?
I had some class samples and a requirements list for the Spa Quilters who meet there, every Thursday.
We both wanted to go to Purl's Palace and check up on Zoe and Andy [post massive spinal surgery]
and of course, the prospect of lunch at the Himalaya Bakery which isn't open on a Tuesday when we go over there for Purl's Princesses, our knitting group.
I had arranged to pick her up at 10 but when I got there, the new Avon lady was ensconced and talking the hind leg off a donkey - and given that I was vaccinated with a grammophone needle, you may take it that this lass is a MAJOR talker... pleasant, chirpy, but by Christ, could she talk!!
Anyway we eventually got underway about 11ish, had a pleasant half hour drive over to to Daylesford and our first stop at Purl's.
Zoe and Andy were in Melbourne for a post op checkup but we were looked after quite nicely by the lass who was holding the fort. By a mere whisker, I managed to avoid the trap set for me by a beautiful book on kimono silks but there's the distinct possibility that it will still manage to ambush me on a future visit. They're wiley like that.
Anyway, after buying a small something to be added to Beryl J's berfday goodies - and if you don't mind I won't show you just in case - off we trotted to the Holy Cross Hall - same place that Karen and I clog on a Monday night, to find ...
no one
locked up tighter than the proverbial drum
Yes folks, we had managed to choose the one Thursday probably for the whole year that they had decided to all go down to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Convention.

lunch at the Himalaya was as nice as it always is. and vegan cupcakes were purchased for Ms Nadie's next visit and are currently ensconced in the freezer.
A quick troll through the Bargain Shop- cheap knickers for Dave and some incense sticks, and cards and bits and bobs for Jeanette, and we hopped back into la voiture for the trip back to Castlemaine. The scenery changes so dramatically over the course of those 50 km. I really never get tired of it.

basically we had a lovely day out but given that the whole reason for the visit was the class stuff ... oh well, ya just gotta laugh, right?

Now I believe that there is the unfinished business of some spinning to be addressed.
Unlike a certain Sheepish Annie who has been elevated to spinning deification through her ability to produce consistent laceweight yarn, I am currently at the stage of swinging madly from lace weight to super bulky, and from over spun to hardly spun, all in the space of a foot-and-a-half of thread.
If you're after lumpy, uneven, completely one of a kind, 'rustic' Border Leicester Cross yarn, well, look no further, I am SO your girl!
I believe that there was also a request for current goaty pictures?
Ruby and Rowan
Robbyn being an antisocial grump
and mama Rosie who is in Caprine Coventry because I'm still trying to wean Rowan.


Robbyn said...

Aw, poor Rosie. Gosh the kids have gotten so big - I can't believe how they've grown!

Now me, I'd have gotten the book - I'd have felt guilty as sin, but I'd have gotten the book :)

Alwen said...

Oops, all locked up, too bad! At least lunch and the shopping was good.

Mia said...

The spinning looks GREAT! There's SUPPOSED to be a difference between handspun and storebought :)

Lisa L said...

I agree - I think the spinning looks great!

catsmum said...

yeah we shall see what happens when I try to ply it!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Yeah...but now I can't spin worsted weight! Can't do it. It all comes out skinny!!! Heavy is the head that wears the mantle of Lace Weight.

And I don't have goats, either. ::sigh::

Frankly, I think your spinning looks pretty darned amazing. We are all a little harder on ourselves than others, right?

catsmum said...

oh and just btw the book was $80 !!

the Infamous Gnomes said...

We like goats, and we like your blog! You have been tagged! See our blog for details.

Kristin said...

the goats are SO sweet, and the spinning looks fabulous! :)