Saturday, February 02, 2008

She didn't mean it!

So there I was.
sitting on the couch, enjoying a snuggle with MissC, who has been very affectionate lately.
Then Sophie wandered through
completely innocent of any evil intent
There was no hissing or spitting of any kind that I could hear.
Any negative aspersions being cast on MissC's anticedents were well beyond the range of my pitiful human hearing... but she must've felt threatened in some way
- and she has this 'interesting' habit of blaming whoever is closest -
so the next thing I knew, I had three holes in my right ring finger.
Small holes.
Not a lot of blood.
Nada really.
Antiseptic was speedily applied.
I thought I'd gotten away with it... but nooooooooooooooooo
we all know about cat bites, don't we??
So there may not be a lot of knitting tonight.

I have an ouchie [ or as they are known in our house thanks to Italian MIL - booba ]
I need ice cream
or possibly Baileys
or both

shame I don't have either of them in the house


Jack said...

Ice cream drizzled with Baileys is always good.

Sheepish Annie said...

Ice cream 'n Baileys is the prescription here, I think! I don't drink so I can't really speak to the healing power of anything but the ice cream. But it really does seem like a good idea!

Mia said...

i have both and I share. Oww.. I bet it does hurt.

catsmum said...

SA, I'm effectively another non-drinker but just once in a while - maybe once a year - I feel like a Bailey's [ with milk and ice ]
of course then I don't have it in the house
but last night I would've drunk a glass if I could've.
At about 10pm I remembered there was a half a small tub of gelati in the spare fridge up in the shed, leftover from the Christmas breakup BBQ for David's friends.So I grabbed a torch and filled my prescription!!

Rose Red said...

glad you had some icecream at least! I think a small bottle of Baileys should be purchased post-haste, for medicinal purposes of course!!

TinkingBell said...

Oh dear - my sympathy! Apply Ba ileys (or other liqueur internally an call me in the morning!)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Ouch, cat ouchies always seem to hurt heaps.
Ice cream and Baileys ... oooh, perfect medicine ... hope it helped.
HOpe the pain has eased, and no infection has set in.
Take care, Meow

Alice said...

Was the Baileys and ice-cream for ingesting or applying to the finger?

Either way, I hope your finger is feeling better - certainly hope so by now as that's nearly a week ago.

Perhaps Miss C. needs a muzzle when visitors come to call.

(Did you like my report?)

deniasha said...

Bailey's and ice cream makes a kick butt milk shake! And yes, it makes everything feel better.