Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to my world

There are times when I can follow precisely David's reasoning and train of thought... and then there are those other times when I haven't the remotest clue.

Take the missing camera:

After turning the house upside down for the last 2 days, looking for it,
in, on, behind and under every book, box, basket, bed and cupboard in the house
I found it this morning ... and it was nothing short of a minor miracle that it WAS found.
There may even have been heavenly choirs and angelic trumpets involved.
Do any of you want to guess where it was?
rubbish bin? nope
under a bed? nope
in a drawer? nope
his backpack? no no no
the laundry basket?
no no and no again

Give up?
because I very nearly did!

I found the camera, which he had replaced in its black case [ something I rarely do ]

and placed it inside his suitcase
in the bottom of his wardrobe.
The suitcase that only gets used when he goes on camp twice a year!!!
So in theory I might not have found it until July.

Sometimes ya just gotta smile or else you'd cry

gotta love him


crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

How would it go if you got a camera for David? use under supervision.
....and I am talking about the cheaper working models of course.

catsmum said...

I have tried him with various cameras before, Maz, and he just doesn't seem to 'get' what they're for - which makes this episode all the more puzzling

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! pardon my laughter, but I did almost the same thing, and it took Mr Beloved AGES to find the camera!

In my case, I put it behind books in one of the bookshelves, VERY carefully, and then couldn't remember where I'd put it at all, except that it was a REALLY REALLLY CLEVER and Perfect Place - except that two days later I was utterly convinced that bad men had come in and stolen ONLY THAT.

We never would have found it if Mr Beloved hadn't exhausted everywhere else, including the freezer.

catsmum said...

Caity -obviously Mr Beloved and I are on the same wavelength because I had checked the fridge, freezer and the washing machine and dryer :]

Sarah said...

I guess he was planning ahead!!

Alwen said...

Hmmm, camera is something you pack to go to camp? I dunno.

One morning when my husband usually leaves for work, instead he was prowling around and around the house, and finally came in the bedroom to say he couldn't find his car keys.

So I got up to help him look. Usually I walk right to them. This morning I was prowling around and around, until he finally found them:

Not on his dresser. Not in any of his pants in the laundry. Not on the key hook. Not in his car. Not on any of the many horizontal surfaces he generally sets keys down on . . .

. . . in the bottom of his other pair of boots (not the ones he had put on), where he had put them so he'd be sure to find them.

Sheepish Annie said...

Cameras are special and delicate things. They must be cared for. Hence, I see great logic in putting it in a case. And then another case. And then behind closed doors. That was one safe camera!

Cameras also capture unflattering images of certain Sheep who don't like seeing the extra chins. Sometimes I think about hiding mine, too!

Tanya Brown said...

I think your son and I must be related.

Like Caity, the cleverer I think a storage place is, the less likely I am to ever find the object in question again.

Bells said...

so I've gotta ask, how on earth did you actually end up looking in the suitcase that is so rarely used?

Lynne said...

At least you've found the camera - and another place to look if something else goes 'missing'.

TinkingBell said...

Don't even ask where I've found things - and have a talk to the Knightly Knitter about where she found her presser foot!

catsmum said...

I'd gotten to the stage where I was going through the house room by room, object by object and hoping to it wasn't in the fabric stash because THAT would've taken WEEKS to find. I actually looked in the case because it wasn't fully zipped closed.

mehitabel said...

Friend of mine lost the little pocket case containing all her credit cards. After turning the house inside out, and calling every place she'd been for the last 48 hours, she finally bit the bullet and called all the card issuers for new cards. Fast forward 6 months: cleaning out the freezer, she found them--tucked behind a couple of cartons of ice cream. She still doesn't know how or why they got there... and her only housemates are 3 cats.

The Boy said...

When was the last time the case was out?

catsmum said...

Chris, the last time it was out was the first week of January when he had that camp.

The One and Only Nadie said...

link to pics as promised, will post when able to

Laura said...

Oh, I repeat that phrase about laugh or you'll cry on a daily basis with my husband.