Friday, February 29, 2008

what a difference a week makes

This time last week there was absolutely no guarantee that my beloved Rosie was going to make it through the night.

and today?

She's moving about with almost none of the hesitant stumble of a few days ago - almost - almost -steady on her pins and if you can believe it, has put on a wee bit of weight... the great hollows in her sides have almost disappeared.
Her eyes and gums are still white because the blood replacement stuff doesn't work over night but she looks much much better
so all those good thoughts that you guys sent must've done some good, eh?
She's not impressed with the B complex shots in the bum but otherwise all's well and I can look forward to some sleep tonight.

little happy dance here

oh and one last thing - I believe that I did mention that we'd had an unseasonable cold snap - hence the goat coats - well, it lasted all week, mild but nice days around the low 20s but cold clear nights which I got to experience first hand, and in honour of the very last day of Summer, last night's minimum temp was 4.5 degrees C and believe me, at 3am in a drafty goat shed, it certainly felt like it.
ETA Saturday morning 7am - well the thermometer says it's currently 4.1 and the overnight low was 3.1 BRRR


Lindi said...

Sweet dreams, Susan, you sure deserve some good sleep! I'll keep sending good positive thoughts to you and Rosie, in the hope that everything improves quickly.

Lynne said...

Sleep well - snuggle up, it's going to be cold again tonight!

Sara said... wonderful! Still keeping you in my thoughts until Rosie is totally out of the woods!!!

Robbyn said...

Yipee! Let's hear it for healing goats, cooler temperatures and a good night's sleep :)

Come to think of it, I wouldn't much care for a B complex shot in the bum either!

Mia said...

YAY for Rosie!

Kristin said...

what a joy to hear that she is recovering!! Will send a prayer of wellness and rest to both of you!


Tanya Brown said...

I am so glad. This is excellent news.

Sam said...

I'm so glad Rosie is on the mend! And hooray for some cooler weather too.

Alwen said...

Go, Rosie!

Enjoy your sleep, hopefully in your own comfy warm bed even.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay for Rosie!!! She's a trouper, that one. Now rest up and enjoy the cooler temps.

The One and Only Nadie said...

hey, I saw an awesome pair of wristwarmers today, almost elbow length, with alternating black and deep purple stripes about 3/4 inch wide. Do you think you could knock me up something like that? maybe bright blue if you can't get purple? also found another great pattern here -
would love this either as shown or in black, with or without the cables, whatevers easiest.

catsmum said...

Is there a photo of the ones that you saw??
If not - yes I can do the others.
How about black alpaca?

Terry M said...

Sounds like your Rosie is blessed with a wonderful "goatie-Mom"! Nice job in pulling her through.

The One and Only Nadie said...

couldn't find anything like the stripy ones on the net, probably not even knitted. They were like striped witch socks with the end cut off and a thumb hole. black alpaca sounds great for the others :)

The One and Only Nadie said...

btw in case you need measurements- wrist 15cm, elbow 23cm, length wrist to elbow approx 20cm