Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cautiously hopeful

Rosie is still hanging in there. Fighting me every inch of the way on drinking the electrolyte mixture, but I figure even that shows an improvement that she's got the energy to fight me.
Brenda next door helped me to get her up on her feet late yesterday and she stayed up - heart pounding furiously and every muscle trembling - but she stayed up for somewhere between five and ten minutes.
This gave us a chance to milk her and she took advantage of the pressure being off her bladder to do what needed doing. I don't know if all goats are the same but she'll poop lying down but won't or can't wee. SO between the boobage and the bladder, she was probably pretty glad to be up off the floor for a while.
I managed to get her up by myself this morning but she gave me a pained little cry when I tried it at lunchtime so Brenda-next-door [ hereinafter to be referred to as BND ] came over and we managed it again with the same result as before.
Sorry if those of a delicate and genteel nature find that too much info :]
Anyway this time she even managed a tiny wobbly step or two.
I'm allowing myself a little cautious optimism while simultaneously being terrified of what the blood test is going to show.

The last few days have been uncannily like having a newborn on two hourly feeds with two major addendums.
One - I am no longer as young and sprightly as I was when I actually HAD newborns to tend
Two - most newborns are in relative proximity to Mum - not halfway up the hill ! Basically what's happening is that, by the time I get back inside, I'm wide awake. Being the world's worst sleeper, I either am still awake two hours later, or just beginning to drift off.
On the other hand I've probably had more practice at muddling on while sleep deprived than most people.

Thanks for the continuing kind and positive thoughts ... I just love how these here internets work ... I was 'speaking' to the other Robbyn, the non-caprine Bostonian version, a few hours ago [ knitting Chat every Sunday lunchtime / Saturday night ] and the first thing out of her - well, I was going to write 'mouth' but - keyboard, was "How's Rosie?" Here's someone on the other side of the planet, that I have never met, who cares about my little family and vice versa.


Lindi said...

So glad Rosie's hanging in there. Hope the sleep fairies help you snatch some sleep in between the nursing.
We're all still with you. Hugs.

Lynne said...

Wishing you a double portion of sleep tonight; that is, sleep for two hours, feel like it was four!

Robbyn said...

It sounds hopeful Susan, but I won't uncross my fingers just yet.

I hope you're getting some rest. My Myria has serious sleep issue too, so I know (from observation) what you're going through there.

Take care :)

Go Susan! Go Rosie!

Alwen said...

I'm glad Rosie's still hanging on, and you, too. (((hugs!)))

mehitabel said...

Sending you good thoughts and hugs from here. Sleep deprivation is no fun, sick animals are the worst--right up there with sick tiny babies--here's hoping you have the strength to get through this for both of you!

Sara said...

I'm sure there's a lot of us who have never met you who are keeping any eye out on you and your sweet Rosie...

Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily for news of you and your family. And, Rosie is as one of the family to me also.

I wish only the very best for Rosie and will be keeping all of you in my prayers.

catsmum said...

Chloe, Sara and everyone else - just thanks for caring.

deniasha said...

Where's there's fight, there's hope. It's tough but worth it. I had to go through a similar routine pulling my kitten through feline distemper, but he did pull through.

Jejune said...

Hope that Rosie is on the mend, very sorry to hear she's been so sick :( It's such a worry, isn't it... hope you can sleep.