Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's On Your ... ?

This week for 'What's On Your ...? Wednesday' it's an easy one:

So show me /us

What's on your desktop ?

usually I have a picture of my gorgeous grandson [ what ? biased ? me ? never ! ]
or one of the animals
but it just so happens that today it's a picture of a seasonal visitor who apparently loves my garden as much as I do:

If you decide to 'play', please mention it in the comments so we can all come over and visit


Lynne said...

Oh dear. Unlike last week, I cannot claim to have nothing on my desk. And I won't be showing you because my desk has become a repository for a multitude of misplaced or homeless items over the last few weeks and I have yet to find the energy/inclination to clean it up! *sigh*

catsmum said...

well Lynne my love,I actually meant whatever photo is on your computer desktop but the top of your physical desk counts too

Lindi said...

I've posted mine. I couldn't get a photo without the flash reflection, so I did a Ctrl/Printscrn, paste in Paint and save as jpeg. Cheating, I know, but it did the job. :)
I really like your screen piccy. Very pretty.

Liz Needle said...

This looks like fun. My problem will be to remember to do it each week. As Lindi knows I am very irregular (blog wise) at the best of times.
But I'll get this week done at least. LOL!!

Donna Lee said...

I have two different computers so I'll post two different photos. One is at work and one is my laptop.

And I have a photo of the top of my desk as well.....

Anonymous said...

Mine is just stonehenge... so no need for a photo... LOL

Sheepish Annie said... I wish I'd put something more interesting on my desktop. I have nothing except what the nice people at the Mac factory put there.

I like your desktop better...