Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Rather than be sad that everyone was working on her birthday while she had a perfectly good day off, Nadie jumped in the car and came up to spend the day with Mum.
... awwwwwwww
The fact that she also needed to reclaim the grandkittens was almost completely incidental [ my story and I'm sticking to it ]

We made ourselves Falafel-with-goat-cheese wraps for lunch
and went for a walk with David and Bear
There was a leisurely pot of Chai
There was some unwrapping of presents [The two latest Charlaine Harris books, which I get to borrow back later, and a cherry red handbag ]
and then Thai Tofu Fried Rice for dinner

and I totally forgot to pick up the camera for any of it

Nadie and the furrbabies are currently en route for home ... and Sophie has re emerged from her hidey hole under my bed


Rose Red said...

awww, happy birthday Nadie! Great photos!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Nadie.

Anxiously awaiting a Natal Day here - due in two weeks but doctor thinks it may be earlier. Head down but facing the wrong way at the moment. Hope he/she turns around soon.

Blessings each day said...

Happy birthday to cute to see the progression from baby to young woman! Glad you had such a nice day together,

blessings and hugs,


crazyhaberdasher said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nadia.

Lindi said...

Happy Birthday, Nadie! You must be very proud of her Susan. She is not only beautiful in looks, but beautiful inside as well. :)