Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What's On Your ... ?

I'm instituting a new feature for Wednesdays when I don't necessarily have anything else to post [ although I actually did have an alternative today - but it can just as well wait for tomorrow ]
I'm calling it - as you can see up top there - "What's On Your ... ?"

and I'm hoping that if you are similarly challenged for blog-fodder, that you'll perhaps follow my lead. Sometimes it will just require you to post a photo. Sometimes there might be backstory needed. You don't need to wait for a Wednesday to join in either.

so today I want to know "What's On Your ... FRIDGE ?"

If you're particularly game, you can post a photo 'as is' but I promise that I won't think any less of you if you feel the need for a bit of pre-photoshoot tidying-up [ and who's to know unless you tell them ?]
Even if there's nothing on there - which I find difficult to visualise - prove it !
here's mine
you can just make out the corner of the computer there to the left [ it lives in the space that would've originally been meant for a free-standing freezer ]
and I'm sure it will come as no great surprise that it's covered in things like this:

I especially love my set of 'create-a-cat-poem' word magnets bought over at Daylesford
even though they make cleaning the outside of the fridge an absolute pain in the bum
people leave me little messages
and it's fun to watch them hunt for just the right word ... to ponder whether they are 'allowed' to disassemble someone else's poem in order to create their own.
Some ask first
Some don't
One particular visiting little person was kept occupied for almost an hour and protested strongly when she had to go home
On the next visit she checked to see whether anyone had moved 'her' words and was first incensed that they had, and then slightly mollified when I told her that they'd been saved for posterity in a photo.
Sentiments range from the poetic

to the enigmaticSo I wonder ... what does my fridge say about me - other than the obvious bit that I luuurve felines ?
and now it's YOUR turn
please show me
what's on your fridge
and come back here with a link


Lindi said...

Your fridge is fun! I'm going to play, too, although my pics might not quite make it for Wednesdays. :)

Alwen said...

I posted my fridge on Facebook a while ago

but right now I'm getting errors and I can't see it!

Donna Lee said...

I'll give you a link when I go home and take a photo. The largest thing on the front of my fridge is a headline from a local paper that says "I had to stab them". I figure it gives people fair warning......

Lynne said...

Absolutely nothing (except dust on top). We decided to go minimal when we bought the new fridge in 2007 - like our walls, as yet no art work has been rehung in 28 months. We had thought we'd be putting the house on the market (rental or sale) because we thought WM would get the transfer he applied for (this time). And we've gotten use to the uncluttered look (on the fridge and walls anyway! Don't ask about desks and bookshelves!!)

Graeme Edward Brattle said...

Ours is nude, save for wearing a licorice stick bag, 3 cook books and an eating out guide as a head covering.