Saturday, February 06, 2010

Playing with threads

Knitters and quilters can be divided into two groups:
namely those who stash and those who don't

It is a fact generally acknowledged that I very much belong to the first camp

My quilt stash requires its own room
and while the wool and fibre stash is slightly more modest, it is still threatening to break out of the good-sized wardrobe that houses it

I own several sewing machines, more than one spinning wheel, dozens of knitting needles and a substantial collection of scissors.

So I was a bit mortified to realise that my darling daughter was making do with a pair of supercheap plastic handled embroidery scissors.

Obviously that situation could be, and should be, easily remedied
and so it was
... a bit of playing with fabric and threads and one of those cute little flexi-frames ensured that her new scissors didn't go to their new home naked
and to make sure that they didn't get lonely, I made them some little friends
a needle book
and a
pin cushion


ozjane said...

Love using that stitch....I even purchased some flex frames but have not used them yet.
But I was tempted by an offer of big little Klasse scissors and thimble.
Last time I tried to get these the little ones did not it is definitely over stash kill to have two big ones but with a lot of luck they will be different colors.....LOL

Allison said...

Oooh. Lucky daughter. I love the fabric you used.

Lynne said...

Beautiful set! I still have the scissors case (but not the scissors) and the needle case my maternal grandmother made for me in the early seventies (from aqua felt - now very faded). Oh, and the workbox she gave me at the same time. Some charming girl in high school stole the pins and the pin tin that had also been included and the thimble, which was plastic, broke. Still, it's a lovely keepsake of a wonderful lady who passed away 21 years ago.

I hope Nadie treasures hers; if she's anything like her mother, I'm sure she will.

Anonymous said...

Perfect, you should sell them.

Warty Mammal said...

You are the most thoughtful of mothers!