Sunday, February 28, 2010

No they haven't finished yet!

The Ravelympics is drawing inexorably to a close and, wouldn't you know it - just when the finish line is almost in sight, my marathon Gold medal attempt at UFO/WIP finishing gets derailed by a small side issue:
namely my complete inability to concentrate on anything more demanding than stocking stitch while watching the Ice Dancing and the Speed Skating
so there have been a couple of 4ply [fingering] baby beanies in Spotlights Basics baby 4ply on 3.25mm needles.
The first on straights, but of course that meant to claim it as a finished project I had to stop and do some sewing up [ horrors] so the second one, which was mostly completed during the Ice Skating Gala, was done on circulars ... round and round and round with the brain firmly in neutral.

With only one day of competition left, I'm back limping towards that finish line with the sewing up of Riley's footy jumper, and I can only hope that it still fits him. I did start it a couple of sizes large so there is hope.

So my tally for the 17 days is

never-ending baby shawl
- finished finally [ what? It's only been 4 years! ]
Grace Notes - 2nd sock started and finished
Presto Chango toddler jumper finished
2 baby beanies - started and finished
2 projects frogged and the yarn rewound ready for use
some dyeing that you haven't seen because it's for a gift and the giftee would probably guess
2 prem sized lace cardis - designed, started and finished

and of course Riley's almost completed jumper [ sweater ]

It is, of course, a scurrilous rumour put about by "back sliding revisionary hyenas"* that, despite this flurry of finishing, I still have a half pair of socks and a to-be-sewn-up bag in the bottom of my knitting box !

* bonus points for anyone - other than my daughter - who can identify the quote


Lynne said...

I think you are doing marvellously well.

I haven't a clue about the quote so am looking forward to the answer! I even tried "cheating" and googling it but the only thing that came up was your blog! LOL

Anonymous said...

I cheated as well, but I came up with 'Back sliding revisionary paper hyenas' by The Goodies.... :D
A job(s) well done during the Ravolympics.

catsmum said...

well done Rell ! it was indeed PAPER hyenas - I should've checked the exact quote and not relied on my dodgy memory LOL