Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally! - as promised part deux

Back in early November, I posted about the first of a pair of goth inspired gauntlets that I was designing/making for Nadie's workplace Christmas 'do' which was to be held at Witches In Britches Theatre Restaurant
I didn't ever post a photo of the finished pair - and of course there were several pointed requests to see Nadie all 'gothed up', so here she is:
Can you believe that she used to get teased at primary school about her luscious Angelina Joli lips ? Bet those mean little coots are all eating their words now !!

and the knitty stuff for those who care about such things:
Because the gauntlets are constructed lengthwise, working out the matching increase/decrease for the point attached to the finger loop - while simultaneously maintaining the eyelet pattern - was an interesting exercise.
The increase side was easy enough - the YO to make the lace pattern was done without a corresponding K2tog - but the decrease side was a totally different matter. Now I can't remember whether I solved it by doing a YO,K3tog or whether it was k2tog, YO, k2tog. I'm inclined to think the latter and I'll know for sure if I get a chance to have another look at the finished article up close and personal.


Sheepish Annie said...

Those look amazing! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is absolutely stunning. Oh and the gauntlets are pretty amazing as well.

Lindi said...

and their envy will get worse when they start to lose their lip collagen and hers still look great! lol
She is a real stunner, as are the gauntlets. You've accomplished a fabulous job on both. :)

Anonymous said...


Your daughter is gorgeous. The gauntlets are absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

oh she looks incredible. The dress, the gauntlets, the hair and THE LIPS!

Meggie said...

What a pretty girl!!