Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anyone care to guess ?

... what the heck this is?

Perhaps it will help if I tell you that these photos were taken [ by Nadie ] immediately before the Christmas just behind us, and represent all of the constituent parts of a little guy who would've really enjoyed hanging out with all the 'cool kids' in my kitchen

[ some of whom are just visible behind that chair ]

were it not for the fact that I then proceeded to completely ignore the pleas for completion issuing from the knitting basket under the coffee table until TODAY ... when it took me all of half an hour to sew the poor benighted little mite together

just in time for him to join his snowy brethren in storage till next Christmas

The last thing that I heard as I shut the door on the shed, was a small voice threatening to report me to the RSPCS [ Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Snomes ]
Should I be worried ?

Snomes by Alan Dart from Simply Knitting [UK] #8
Sirdar Snowflake Chunky
plus scraps of DK yarns for the nose, hat and scarf
4.5mm KP Options

Today also involved reading, gardening, quilting and a modicum of tv, and the absolute minimum of anything that could actually be deemed either cleaning or catering.


sue said...

Oh he is so cute! At least next xmas he will be all together to enjoy it properly wont he!! I hope he hasnt stolen a mobile phone to use in the storage shed, lol!

Lindi said...

So cute! You'll totally enjoy him next Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so precious! I have a lot of snowman "things" and I like to keep them out all winter. They make me smile or dreary overcast days.

Lynne said...

Some projects are like that! He'll get over it and be all the more welcome this December (when there'll be no air-con guys holding up the decorating!!).

Anonymous said...

Yes report your mum Nadia; that is way too cute to be forgotten until next Xmas.... Poor Smones

Nadie said...

Rell - mum's posting now, not me!