Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pumpkin Scones anyone?

Last Saturday I felt compelled to make pumpkin scones for afternoon tea ... albeit very heavily modified ones.
Due to the food sensitivities and outright allergies of a certain visitor, we left out the sugar ... and the egg ... and used dairy free margarine and gluten-free flour.

I'm not sure that Lady Bjelke-Peterson would approve ... but, if nothing else, they proved once again, the adaptability of the humble pumpkin scone. Even if they were a bit flat.

Anyway, as that certain visitor wasn't up this weekend, David and I made a batch this afternoon that was a little more in the spirit of the original.

Although I still left out the sugar - pumpkin is sweet enough for me - and there may have been a few herbs ... and just a touch of garlic ... and it was still the dairy-free margarine.
... and I'm not sure what Lady Flo would've thought of the fresh goats cheese that was piled onto the piping hot results


despite the liberties that I took with an Aussie icon, the result was totally soft and moist and completely yummo

and with a nice cup of Lady Grey

What more could one ask for on a Saturday afternoon ?

Aussie Pumpkin Scones

1 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup sugar [ i generally omit this ]
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 beaten egg
1 cup cold mashed cooked pumpkin [ Jap or Kent for preference ]
2 cups self-raising flour

Beat butter, sugar and salt. Add egg and pumpkin.
Stir in flour by hand
press or roll and cut into rounds.
Place on greased tray in a very hot oven [ 230C] for 15-20 minutes

serve hot or cold, split with butter

I sometimes add a little grated tasty cheese to the mix, but omitted it this time in favour of spreading them with fresh creamy goat cheese


ozjane said...

My Mum made dozens of these for Sunday School Picnics...and cordial..that would be the food on arrival.
I am not even sure I have her recipe...but they were a little less dainty than the elegant matching Earl Grey ones.
I love pumpkin fruit cake and bought some pumkin to make some....but often happens with pumpkin makes great compost. I buy vegetables with great thought and wisdom and then run out of energy to bother cooking for one.
I did actually bake some yesterday...some picture or person cooking.....Jamie Oliver on free Digital on Martha Stewart..inspired me.
I would have preferred his roast rib on the bone to my small offering of scotch fillet in the pan. But the veggies were a little inspired.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMMMMM, those do look "yummo" and I am definitely going to give them a try.

Kylie said...

Yummo! I haven't had scones in years. And haven't done any baking in a couple of weeks since our oven started to play up.Luckily we get our new smeg oven this friday. WOOHOO!!!

Lynne said...

They certainly look delicious!

Rose Red said...

Oh yum - I love pumpkin scones - although I haven't made them since Home Science class in high school. I remember them being delicious hot out of the oven with butter and vegemite!!

Anonymous said...

God they sound good! And look so delicious! With goats cheese! I'm going to have to make them. Thank you!

Alice said...

"What more could one ask for on a Saturday afternoon?" How about an invitation next time?