Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anyone speak Norwegian ?

The 30-somethingth annual Fryerstown Antique and Collectibles Fair is on again this coming Australia Day weekend, and a fair percentage of the stallholders are already open for a bit of 'Early Bird' action.
There is the usual mix of the genuine and the not-so-genuine, the overpriced tat and the occasional genuine bargain - all covered with a fine, fine layer of Fryerstown dust.

As usual, I set my budget [ and then added an extra $20 'running-away-from-home-money in the back pocket 'just in case' ]
As usual, I ended up spending every last cent of it.

It is entirely possible that there may have been a few purchases of 'not at all antique' blue-and-white china that just happened to match some already in my kitchen cupboards
but that was just bye the bye.
It is also entirely possible that there may have been a couple of things that were vaguely cat shaped.
Also completely bye the bye.

What I was really hunting for, and signally failing to find, were vintage Christmas postcards [ couldn't seem to find vintage postcards of any sort really ]
I was almost ready to admit defeat and haul my hot, sunburned and weary carcass back to the car
and then there they were
on the penultimate stall - and under cover, with a handy chair and a fan - four shoe boxes of old postcards.
Most were only a dollar or two, and joy of joys:
a vast number of seasonal ones, mostly American, and none of them ones that I recognised ... Woo! and, may I add, Hoo!

Somewhat predictably there followed about an hour of me sitting, and sorting, and culling, and counting, and calculating, and checking the contents of my purse to see if the amount of money left had somehow magically increased in the last ten minutes
... at the end of which my formerly quite modest collection of Christmas postcards had increased about threefold.

and yes there are a couple of ring-ins at the bottom

I shall have to come up with a new method of display for next Christmas.
Oh dear, now won't THAT be a hardship?

All of which brings us to the explanation for the title of this post

This card is Norwegian and, thanks to the wonder that is Google, I know that the first bit says " Happy New Year"

... anyone able to enlighten me about the rest : Med Frid Och Hop !

and the moral of this tale ?
It is NEVER too early to be thinking about Christmas !


Marcie said...

mmm, what a great haul! and that's a sweet pussycat on your header, too.

Anonymous said...

have sent it to a norwegian friend. Stand by!

catsmum said...

Bells,you are a legend !

crazyhaberdasher said...

Got as far as "With .... and ...."
Possibly "and hope"?
But I am only guessing.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi again ..... I think it may be - with peace and hope .....

Donna Lee said...

I tried it through babelfish but they don't do Norweigan. I wonder why? Nice haul on the cards.

Anonymous said...

Turns out it's not Norwegian. It's Swedish for Peace and Hope!

Anonymous said...

Have just caught up with all your Christmas posts, and the early shopping for next, and now don't feel so bad about having a lot of my Christmas decorations hanging about waiting to be photograhped before they go in the cupboard ...... and by the time the have finished posingthere should be a few alterations done ready for next years display.
Judy B

Alwen said...

I used Google Translate ( ) and "Detect Language", and it says "godt nytt år med frid och hopp" is Swedish for "good new year with peace and hope".

Warty Mammal said...

These are marvelous. I do like to see examples of vintage illustration preserved.

Lynne said...

Oh my, you are serious about Christmas, aren't you?