Thursday, November 05, 2009

as promised

My ravelry queue has several hundred patterns in it - there's a whole sub list for arms and hands -
So you'd think there'd be no problem on deciding which goth-ish gauntlets were needed to complete a costume for DD's work 'do' in December

... there are a lot of really nice gauntlet / armwarmer / fingerless glove patterns out there ... but somehow I still ended up creating something new

Now you have to bear in mind that she wants these for the start of our summer, so above the elbow in anything other than cotton would potentially be unbearable to wear
... but then with cotton there's that whole lack of stretch when you need it, coupled with the tendency to stretch sideways right when you don't want it to [ so having opera length gauntlets stay up - without resorting to ribbon - was an interesting technical issue ]
we decided to go with lengthwise garter stitch not unlike my Frothy Gothy wristwarmers and the first one was finished while Nadie was up here this week
there was a slight hitch when the cord on my KP's came adrift from its mooring, spilling the stitches [ which when we're talking black and lace and at night is never a good thing ]

which required a restart on #2, and it is entirely possible that some bad words were said, but thanks to the wonders of Craft Glue, we are again underway


Marcie said...

That is seriously cool! Hope we get to see a pic of Nadie's entire outfit in due course?

Lisa L said...

Simply lovely!

Alwen said...

Argh urgh! As the new owner of a 47" KnitPicks circ., I do not want to see that last piccy, la la la, covering my eyes.

Lynne said...

A good solution to a stretchy v. wearable problem.

That KP issue has happened to me on two occasions - it's very annoying. No craft glue here - just brute force from WM!