Monday, November 30, 2009

'T'is [ almost ] the Season ...

December will be upon us in just a few short hours, and it has been pointed out that I have not as yet given any evidence of the usual descent into Christmas Craziness a la Catsmum.

This is so extraordinary as to have occasioned alarm amongst the general populace - or at least those who know me well - so I thought that I'd better 'splain quicksmart:

On the day that I began the prep for this year's 'Explosion at the North Pole' [ as someone who shall remain nameless described my house during the last festive season ] I only got as far as doing some pre-emptive dusting / polishing and putting out the Nativity sets when I received confirmation that workmen will be arriving next week [ I hope ] to install the new A/C. This will include the sawing of numerous holes in the plaster ceiling and ...
Plaster dust over absolutely everything.

and I don't even want to contemplate what hordes of blokes in workboots might do to all the strategically placed festiveness

hard as it is to believe, I'll be waiting until they've gone and until I've cleaned up and by then who knows how close to Christmas it will be and how much decorating can be done.

However, if you are brave of heart, possessing nerves of steel and an iron constitution, you can check out last year's effort here


crazyhaberdasher said...

Take it from someone who has been living with renovation dust off and on over the last 8 months..... have plenty of spread sheets as well as those that the workmen bring!
But it will be worth it to be cool!

Donna Lee said...

I thought maybe you were just taking it a little easier this year. Workmen in Dec! that's a nightmare.

I made one of those kimono sweaters for a coworker's baby. I put buttons on the bottom instead of ties. It was a satisfying knit.

Alwen said...

Oh, yes, the plaster dust gets everywhere, everywhere. It is as sneaky as can be.

But having AC afterwards will be worth it.

ozjane said...

I am so envious of that first nativity set....did you get it overseas?
I am feeling very deprived with only one which says a lot about what the shops stock for Christmas now.
I was reminded of my books last night which are not out......not sure where they will go but have a nativity set in one of those. That is a total of two......sad. I am so glad you are getting the air conditioning. Briefly looked at decorations in KMart last night as I need a new tree but can wait till Boxing day or so.

Lynne said...

The nativity sets are gorgeous.

Good luck witht air-con; I hope it all goes smoothly.