Friday, November 20, 2009


I've just spent over an hour lovingly crafting and polishing a post on the evolution of the crochet bag made to carry my darling daughter's yoga mat to class. I'm sure you would've been amused ... enthralled even.

the Internet ate it

so here's your lot for today:

Panda Fuchsia [ cotton blend ]
4mm hook
no pattern


Alice said...

Is there no end to your creativity and genius? Well, there will be if the Internet has it's

Very pretty yoga mat bag. Looks almost too good to open and take mat

Alwen said...


*pushes the internet's Pain key for you*

Lindi said...

Cool carrier!
blasted misbehaving internet!

Robbyn said...

Lovely work - as always :)

Nadie said...

cheers mum! looks like it'll compliment the felted handbag nicely :)

Anonymous said...

The internet ate it because it was jealous.

Lovely work