Friday, November 27, 2009

Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions ...

I actually thought rather long and hard about whether I was even going to show you a particular piece of this week's knitting.
and not because it's some hideous freakish failure for which I would be forever derided, laughed at and shunned by all right thinking individuals ...
It's just the colour
You see, it's pink
very very pink
and very very small
and given that some of you are aware that I'm going to be a grandmother again in June, I could just see certain people jumping to all manner of conclusions

The article in question is, in point of fact, not for my grandbaby-to-be-who's-sex-is-still-undetermined.

I just felt like trying out a variation on one of Jackie Kelly's versatile and cute seamless baby kimonos [ link to specific pattern at the end of the post ] and here it is
ta da!

I added a garter neckband and front bands and it was fine, but I felt that I could've done with a smoother transition from the neck to the front bands:

so then I made another in cream [ which probably will be for the grandbaby ] and shaped the neckband a little differently and I'm happier with this iteration.

both versions were made in Sirdar Snuggly DK in the 3 month size, but the pink was on 4mm needles and the white on 4.5mm so it's slightly bigger. I think that I actually prefer the slightly looser fabric of the larger one, but you can see that there's not really a huge difference in size:

Either way it's a very easy and enjoyable knit
Lots of plain stocking stitch [ or garter for that matter ] can be awfully boring to knit unless there's clever shaping to keep you interested. This pattern has just that ... very clever engineering, no seams, and the potential to play with endless variations.

You can find a free version of the 3 month size HERE
or you can download a paid version with multiple sizes from Jackie's site.


Marcie said...

very nice functional design, would it be poss to do the bands in contrast colours? Brenda has some verry cheap baby wool in delicious colours, BTW.
And I LOVE the pink version, will you put it away for a future grandbaby?

Alwen said...

Hee hee.

Okay, I'll just say they are both very cute, and I like your transition on the cream one.

Anonymous said...

Those are SO cute. Love them!

Jackie said...

I really like your version! Nice job! I always struggle with making pattern changes.

Anonymous said...


I'm sold, pattern downloaded. LOL

Daphne said...

I am saving this for as soon as I get the glad news (I'm waiting, waiting....). Would it be possible to continue the front bands to make them long enough to sew around the shoulders and back neck?

Jack said...

Loving the mods Susan!

catsmum said...

I don't see why not Daphne - it's a very versatile little pattern.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, you can never have enough pink! Well...maybe you can. But that is a cute little pink sweater and a cute little someone is going to love it!

Lynne said...

I love it - I was just looking at "ballet wraps" last night in two of my new knitting books; both are knitted in three pieces - blah! Having just finished a February Baby Sweater I want seamless!! So thanks for the link.

PS DD has twelve weeks to go!