Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Local shame exposed

If one is heading towards Bendigo, the next hamlet over is Harcourt, proud home of the Apple Festival and some of the best apple pies this side of Tassie.
These days the newly extended Freeway bypasses it completely ... the road through Harcourt and winding up over the hills through Harcourt North is the road less travelled.
As well as some spectacular scenery, it is also the home of a certain rowdy element who like to hang out on top of a large rock high above the North Harcourt Road.

I don't think I've ever gone past less than 2 or 3 local layabouts up there,
and I have counted up to 13 at a time ... in the middle of the day too
Yesterday there were only five carousing in the mid-afternoon sun as Robyn and I drove past -

and before you bother clicking on the above, I've cropped it so that you can see the miscreants more clearly:
shocking behaviour really!


Blessings each day said...

So glad you're staying on top of this Susan...who knows how many more hooligans might show up if you don't keep reporting!?!

Very cute!

blessings and hugs,


Tara said...

hahahaha they are very cool! I will have to keep an eye out for them the next time I may drive that way.

Bernie said...

Somewhere in the world this is a tradition....the gnomes go missing then when not expecting it they suddenly return....I wish I could remember where I read this place was.......:-) Hugs

Jan said...

We had one on college entry gate with a note saying he was just passing through and would be gone soon.

He seemed to enjoy the salutations of students passing through the gate and then, about a week later, he was gone on his travels.

sue said...

We used to drive through Harcourt once upon a time. I used to leave Paul to fish there (probably no water there now) and I used to pop over to Bendigo to go and do some shopping. Havent been in a number of years now though. Those little hooligans look quite cute dont they.

Alice said...

Now I wonder if they could be related to the numerous Teddy Bears which can be see attached to eucalypts on the road from Canberra to Bungendore, via Queanbeyan? I did here the story behind the TB invasion once, but of course I've forgotten it.

Lynne said...

How intriguing!

Helen said...

Now they are the sort of hooligans I would like to be living in the house across from me. They would be way better than the stereo-blaster so-and-sos I have at the moment. Great post!

Alwen said...