Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just as well I was up early

... because well before 8.30 am, the tranquility comprised of the usual early morning birdsongs and the ruminations of well fed goats were fractured by the roar of this mighty Yamaha machine

bearing the person of Chris [ occasional professional David-Carer] who had elected to spend his day off committing a chainsaw massacre of the dead trees that he had chopped down in the goat paddock while I was in hospital, thereby reinforcing my opinion that he is an asset to the area.

Now, as Chris-and-Maz can attest, normally any chainsaw action around here demands my participation as chief-picker-upper-and-carrier-of-dead-tree-bits, but not this time - the recent hospitalisation and ongoing [slow] process of recovery, y'know. So I basically futzed around in the house, made soup for lunch and generally proved yet again that I am totally hopeless at sitting around while someone else is working.

The net result after four hours of hard work - with no contributions from the recuperating person other than the aforesaid lunch and some petrol money - was the transformation of part of the goat paddock from this

to this and the incidental creation of a temporary play gym for Ruby and Rowan.

who informed me that there has been a noticable lack of caprine-centic coverage on the blog of late.
Fair comment I guess,
so here's a gratuitous extra pic:


Lynne said...

Thank God for wonderful family, friends and neighbours.

Bernie said...

I am glad you you made lunch and stayed inside, following doctors orders will benefit you so much in the long run. So happy you have good people in your life who reaches out and helps you....:-) Hugs

Alwen said...

I am starting to think of goats as toddlers with hooves, thanks to the internet.