Saturday, October 31, 2009

here comes the rain again

Although it can, and in summer regularly does, get very very hot up here, it's generally a dry heat ... much drier than in Melbourne ... so generally I can cope with slightly hotter temps than I ever could when I lived further south

humidity is not now and never was my friend

so when we had a lot of this yesterday
[ cue Julie Andrews singing "Raindrops on roses and ... "]

followed by 33 degrees today [ 91 .4 F]

you can imagine that it all got a bit sticky and unpleasant

and we still have a month to go before we even hit the start of summer


and this last one is Bear letting me know that he would take it as a personal favour if I could arrange his summer cut-down [ haircut ] asap before he melts

and the heavens have just opened again, accompanied by the man upstairs' light show, so I'd better shut down the computer for the night


Rose Red said...

Blerk indeed...hope the new lot of rain is a nice cooling relief and not an addition to more humid weather tomorrow.

I remember the worse thing about moving to Sydney from the country was exchanging dry heat for humidity - blerk!

catsmum said...

no such luck RR - just lasted long enough to add to the general mugginess without doing a thing for the ambient temperature

ozjane said...

We had about 8mm here so I am told and it was heavenly but air conditioners on today.
I am still hoping that somehow you are going to be able to get some fencing so that you can also have AC.

sue said...

Oh I dont know how those people up north cope with the humidity but the last 2 days have been blerk indeed. We had the big lightning and thunder show last night and tonight accompanied by lots of rain. Im just glad the kids came home before the storm actually hit and they would have been drenched. I agree with Bear, no long fur for summer. I even had the air conditioner on today which hadnt been used since summer so a light vacuum was needed to clean up all the dirt and dust blowing out. Much nicer and cooler outside now though.

Sheepish Annie said...

As much as I dread being on the "winter side" of the planet right now, I must say that I do not miss the humidity. Stay cool over there! I highly reccommend fresh ginger or vanilla syrup in cool tea or sparkling water as a summer beverage. This served me well last August!

Alwen said...

Ugh, that is one thing I don't like at all! With Lake Michigan upwind, the humidity in August here can be 75 to 100% with temperatures anywhere from 80 F on up.

Once the air is that hot and wet, you can't even sweat and cool off. That's mainly what the AC gets used for, to wring the water out of the air. Water just streams out the back of the window unit.

When I was a kid I used to float in an inner tube in the creek by our house and read. Now I sometimes stick my feet in a cold footbath!

Lynne said...

Love the heat - can't stand the humidity; we're having both in Sydney at the moment [don't usually have humidity till mid to late summer]. So I know just how you feel.