Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've forgotten how to be on my own

for nearly five weeks I've either
a] been in hospital
b] lovingly cared for by my darling daughter
c] because it's been a month and I should be starting to mend, rather firmly 'organised' by my BFF

who left this morning
there were two 'rehearsals' each of several hours duration when BFF had other things on the agenda but from today I am left to my own devices

sort of:

...y'see, having survived half of today, my Purl's Palace Patchwork Princesses [ most of whom are the same lovely friends that sent those gorgeous flowers last week ] are heading thiswaywards tomorrow in lieu of our normal class, so I get to ease myself slowly into the whole home-on-my-own-without-use-of-the-new car-I've-not-driven-but-which-pretty-much-all-my-loved-ones-have'

With all this stuckathomeness, there has been much progress made on the blue and white feathered star quilt but ... bummer ... I can't show it to you all anymore until next July.
'T'is destined to be a gift for some dear friends and the other person with whom it is being made is most definitely against blogging in general, and exposure of this project in particular, and while I might wish it otherwise, she has a point and I have to respect her wishes ... especially as her contributions are now in place

So here instead is a resurrected UFO that never got passed the 'cut out' stage about six years ago.
I decided to have a day away from Big Blue on Sunday and these

demanded to be let out of confinement in the depths of the Great Wall Of Fabric before they reached pensionable age:
The fabric was bought for something like US$3.50 a yard in Paducah in 1996
It's one of those dealies where you cut strips from six identical sections of the large-repeat print which are then stacked up and cut into equilateral triangles, so that one gets little bundles, each containing six theoretically* identical wedges which are sewn together to create these hexagons

Don't expect to see any progress on these in the near future - or at all - but I thought that they deserved a moment in the sun

* theoretical perfection may not eventuate with even the most precise stacking and cutting if the original fabric is not perfectly repeated or has stretched/ distorted in the finishing process, or during washing and ironing. If you want to see some truly 'unique' centres, open the first photo in BIG.


Rose Red said...

I love the look of the resurrected UFO - the colours and patterns look fantastic in that design.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow and that you are healing nicely!

Anonymous said...

Very cool :) I had to look a couple of times at the first pic ... it's like an optical illusion.

glad you're feeling better


ozjane said...

will you kill me if I am honest and say I do not love it.....
could it be used as goat blankets??
You have full rights to bag what ever I next produce.
Actually I have one of those somewhere.
I also have some black faces which in the current climate I am not sure what to do with.
But I did work on my bookwork today and changed my bed and shopped tonight. So there is progress in both camps.

Lynne said...

Wow! They are amazing!

I don't do patchwork so excuse my ignorance. Do you need a special fabric for that to work?

Marcie said...

they are too nice to be neglected, I'm sure you could make a stunning quilt with them!

catsmum said...

that's a valid question and the answer to a certain extent is no - it could be floral or paisley or fish or even giraffes - but what it does need is to have a reasonably large repeat ... the particular fabric that I'm using, the pattern starts to repeat itself about every 16 inches. Small scale stuff doesn't give enough variety.

catsmum said...

and Jane ?
I don't expect you to like everything I do - I'm not at all sure that I like it myself! I'm seeing far more salmon pink than I'd like at present.

Donna Lee said...

I'm sorry you can't show the blue and white, that little bit was stunning.

I love the little hexagons. I like the colors and the way you described them being made. I'm not sure I have the patience for making that many small pieces.

Take it slow getting back into your real life. You've only got one body and it has to last you for a good long while.

Alwen said...

I have to say I love the hexagons - it's like little snapshots from a kaleidoscope.

Bernie said...

Susan, you sound like your doing very well.....great!
I like the salmon pink color but then I like anything pink...
Enjoy your day tomorrow....:-) Hugs

ozjane said...

Am glad there is a possibility of forgiveness.......but I usually love everything you do.
Well we will exempt goats from this discussion.
We seem to be missing a Bear!

Nadie said...

the stack 'n' whack is looking good, even though not our colours at all. It's a good use for that fabric.

How's Oakley doing? haven't had an update in a while.

Alice said...

I do like the 'medallions' but not sure if I'd like to work on them....although if they were green and growing in a garden (even weeds) I'd be happy to work on them......lol.

I'd love to work on those weeds in that beautiful garden at Buda, too. Not because I necessarily want the garden weeded - I'd just love to work there.....such peace.