Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Fotos : Feathered Star

from little things big things grow

I still have to decide which fabric to use for the corner triangles but I really need to cut out / layout the next few rounds before I make that decision
one step a a time I guess :]


ozjane said...

Well it was impressive at the beginning..more impressive when described on the phone....and just wow!
I am a failure....have only sewed on two Dresden plates and the sewing machine is not yet started.
And I have no excuse re sitting here.
Super expected.
Take care with that resting up.

Anonymous said...


Robbyn said...

Just glorious, Susan :) I never did get into quilting - I think I was lawyas afraid of bollixing things up - it seems like such a precise kind of thing. But I sure do enjoy looking over your shoulder while you stitch your magic into these lovely pieces!

Donna Lee said...

Those look good just like that. I love watching the creative process and enjoy reading why you put one piece in one place and not another.

Alwen said...

That is so striking. I don't know why it keeps surprising me how white sets colors off.

catsmum said...

OzJane m'love - I would call a collapsed lung and pneumonia and all the rest of it more than enough reason for you to just sit still and exist for a while.
... and if the rest of you might care to go 'visit' OzJane and send her healthful thoughts that would be a blessing

Anonymous said...

You did all that by HAND. I can't even hem by hand or machine.
We need to meet up so I can be taught. Oh now that would be a hoot.