Friday, March 27, 2009

the perils of country life episode 6037

A rather pungent - in fact it wouldn't be going too far to say revolting, and distressingly familiar Odeur de Rutting Billygoat insinuated itself into my nostrils, and then my conciousness, as I sat here yesterday lunchtime, innocently trolling the Blogiverse.

My immediate thought [ after the 'erk ...yuck ... never smelt him-next-door from inside the house before' ] was something along the lines of "... that wind must be coming from just the wrong quarter"

Then my tender ears were assailed by what was either a Bedouin in full cry - unlikely in Central Victoria - or a male goat in the throes of passion, serenading the object of his temporary affection.
My immediate thought THIS time was " that sounds bloody close"
followed by
"that sounds very bloody close"

hell's bells and jumping catfish
Blackadder's out!!!!

so I sprinted for the kitchen door, grabbing the camera on the way, just in time to immortalise the sight of a fairly startled looking Robbyn being assured that she is the [current] love of Blackadder's life
Needless to say PND and Brenda were not home and of course I didn't have handy any chain heavy enough to fasten him to a nearby tree.

Got any idea how much effort is required to persuade a fully grown 100 kilo plus male goat to go about 200 metres in the opposite and uphill direction from the object of his affection ?
Well I do and I'm here to tell you that it is entirely possible that my right shoulder and upper arm [ not to mention my already dodgy knee ] may never be the same again

and as the final ironic twist in the tail ?

Today all of next door's livestock have been moved as per schedule to their new farm out at Strathfieldsaye

that beggar knew it was his last chance
I don't know how he knew


Donna Lee said...

Where there's a will......
I can honestly say I have never smelled billygoat in full rut. I'm not sorry about that, either!

Warty Mammal said...

Testosterone - it's more powerful than rocket fuel!

Rose Red said...

Are you sure Robbyn was startled by Blackadder...or by the sight of being sprung flirting with him by you??!! Heh!

Hope the arm, shoulder and knee recover soon!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Why have they been moved? ..... has PND moved?

catsmum said...

well RR you could well be correct - and now I've got Ms Rosie tail wagging and bleating through the fence in the general direction of next door ... poor thing... doomed to disappointment and unrequited love.

I wonder how long the billygoat smell will linger ? ... because Rosie obviously hasn't twigged to the fact that Blackie isn't next door anymore LOL

catsmum said...

Maz - PND and Brenda are in the process of the big move to Strathfieldsaye but I don't know when THE day is - very soon I'd say if the animals have been relocated - it felt quite odd to go across for a wheelbarrow load of horse poop and to not see a single solitary animal and the paddock gates open :[

catsmum said...

anyone want to rent 20 acres and a nice house near Castlemaine with a mad goat owner next door ???

Groomer Angie said...

Oh that is so funny, I laughed out loud and the dogs thought I had lost it! :) Typical male that billy goat is!

Sarah said...

That is so funny!!

Sheepish Annie said...

I am always so glad when someone injects a little "perspective" into my life. Having a cat that is systematically removing the living room wallpaper doesn't seem so bad now...

Good job protecting the virtue of your livestock. You are a hero! (although Blackadder might disagree with that)

Groomer Angie said...

I don't have your email addy, if you would email me k9hairstyles[at]aol[dot]com I'll give you some tips about finding a good groomer. Don't want to take up too much space here.


Alwen said...

Country living, always full of stories!

lisette said...

i can testify that the smell of amorous goat is beyond pungent and will knock you out of your socks. not to mention the all night serenading from the honeymoon suite - i'll never forget that night of goaty 'daarlings' :)

men! sheesh!!

catsmum said...

I should 'splain for the rest of you that poor long suffering Lisette was up here the weekend that Blackadder was wooing Rosie ... the event which ultimately resulted in Rowan and Ruby ... and they were camped under her window for much of the proceedings !!