Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you know ... ?

... that, having fulfilled its purpose as provider of one of life's essentials, that a wet, soggy teabag can have a secondary existence as an art material ?

which is my way of saying that I opted for tea staining rather than paint to antique the edges of Mum's photo:

first person to see the finished piece was Tara aka fiestywench who brought Sunday lunch

Ricotta fritters with tart citrus sauce - and then settled in for some post-prandial knitting and some Dragon [chilli-flavoured] Chai

all in all a good way to spend a sunday arvo


Anonymous said...

What a bright idea.

Also a lovely photo of Tara.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes all that but recipes too please!!!!!!

Lynne said...

What a good idea - well done! Tea bags can be used antiquing many fibres - paper, cloth and yarn!

Tara doesn't look too feisty in that photo!

Nadie said...

lol I was going to suggest tea dying!

Alwen said...

As we like to say, "My mouse was waddling" over the fritters, mmm, ricotta.