Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mrs Murphy is alive and well in Central Victoria

Wouldn't you just know it ?
I spent every day - every single, blessed, hot-and-sweaty day - for a month before Nadie and Chris' party cossetting my garden into some semblance of respectability ... not easy at the tail-end of a very hot dry spell either, especially with 38C/100F temps the 2 days immediately before ...
and it looked quite presentable on the day... even though not one single solitary person made any mention of it
[ Nadie says that they did - just not in MY hearing ]
in keeping with Murphy's law of gardening, the best of the roses waited until THIS week to show off:
anyone care to hazard a guess at the identity of this red one ? ... repeat blooming, lightly scented, fairly upright habit and large open blooms ... anyone ?

Pierre De Ronsard [ and why on earth would anyone name such a gloriously froufrou pink and white rose Pierre ? ]

David Austin's Leander

of the 75 [!] pots of annuals ... living party decorations really - that I put in purely to fill in all the drought related gaps, at least 70 are still with me. I don't hold out much hope for their long term survival but for now it all looks rather lovely

and last night we got actual rain


lisette said...

gorgeous! my pierre sulked for 3 years and finally gave up the ghost a couple of months ago. the one we had in canberra was terrific and covered the side fence - looked just like yours :)

ozjane said...

I walked around the back last night and found my roses had remembered their job also...tonight they were even better.
After watching the show on Vit D I think I need to go out in the daylight and prune them tmorrow.
I have three new ones sulking and dying that are in a middle bed..not in the rose bed.
My petunias have finally had enough water to make them remember to grow and bloom and my sily Magnolia thinks...the leaves died off.....must have been autumn and winter...we must flower.
Stellata was in full bloom but it dying back a bit now.
My ginko tree is showing green leaves under the ones burnt to a crisp on black Sat.
You would have thought a white fire had gone through here. I have never seen so many whitened or pale bone leaves in my life.
I want to live where it is green.

And Pierre is called Pierre so you can imagine so glamorous handsome useless (well in terms of the life of a flower) gentleman to send you a basket of them.

Sheepish Annie said...

Not sure what this means, but the minute I brought up those pictures, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty leaped up for a look. He was fascinated!

Who knew he was a gardener at heart? He has good taste, though. What a lovely sight for my poor, over-wintered eyes!

Lynne said...

WM worked really hard to have the back garden looking good for DD's wedding photos; the photographer loved the garden but decided it was too hot for DD to have photos taken outside! :-(

catsmum said...

So Lynne
you're telling me that there's another Mrs Murphy alive and well and living in Sydney ??

Alwen said...

Wow! Here I am sticking my face into the monitor to inhale them.