Thursday, September 25, 2008

how to waste a couple of hours

Boring, boring, boring, fairly useless meeting tonight supposedly to do with establishing a Respite Care house here in town but mainly an excuse for posturing, drivel, jargon and self congratulation by various service providers.
Should've taken the current travelling sock ... I was sitting in the back row ... who would've noticed or cared?
Basically that was two and a half hours of my life that I won't get back

current sock:
the start of another pair of Bripple Socks
this time I'm using a $20 hank of Opal Hundertwasser that I acquired with a quilt show prize voucher a couple of years ago. I've lightly overdyed it in [ from memory ] a burgundy-ish shade, which has made the colours richer and less garish than they appeared once I got it out into the clear light of day.
Absolutely no promises about this pair being finished at the Olympic speed of the last lot


Donna Lee said...

I never think of overdying yarn as a way to compensate for extra bright colors. The colors in your travelling sock are beautiful and rich. I sat through an interesting training yesterday and knitted for the whole three hours in peace while managing to participate when needed.

Alwen said...

That did make it into nice rich colors. I'll bet they go great with Broad Ripple.

Lynne said...

Lovely colours - well done on the overdyeing.

Sarah said...

The colors came out beautiful, great way to save a skein!