Friday, September 26, 2008

A Beautiful Spring Day

Today was a picture perfect 25C [ about 77F] with clear blue skies and not the slightest trace of a breeze.

Definitely an outside day

Being of mixed Irish, English and Scots heritage and quite capable of getting sunburned changing a light bulb, I am now an ever so slightly rosy pink in some of the places that weren't adequately sunscreened.

Anyway, moving on to the garden:

this is 'Winter Lace' Italian lavender and usually it would be finished by now, but for some reason it's a bit late this year. I have it on both sides of the kitchen door and I just love the lushness of the flowers
These irises are out for the first time. I have no idea what they are called but aren't they gorgeous ? You may be able to just see one of the tiny Johnny Jump Ups [ violas ] almost hidden there in the middle. The feathery looking leaves belong to some of my umpty gazillion larkspurs which are still a few weeks away from flowering.They are placed to the front of a bed that has a lot of the more common purple iris and some lavenders so the colour combinations are just perfect.
I took this one to give you a sense of their relative sizes. Those new ones are only about 6" tall !


crazyhaberdasher said...

Picture perfect post!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your garden is just beautiful! I love that lavender and will try to find some next Spring! Thank you for the pictures! I love seeing other's gardens and now have an assortment of plants in my garden that were first seen on another's blog.

Sarah said...

Beautiful garden!
I love Irises, the purples especially :)

Robbyn said...

I love your "growing things" pictures and I'm envious of your lavender - a scent I've always adored.

I wonder if it would grow indoors?

Alwen said...

Ohhh, I love irises and yours are beautiful!

What a treat to get fall in person and spring via the internet.

Lynne said...

Even your garden's purple! LOL
I love it!

Maybe the lavender's late because of the long, cold winter?

catsmum said...

ahhhh yes Lynne. but that's the thing you see - this winter didn't seem either as long or as cold as the last few. Last year there was sixteen days straight under zero... this year no more than about three or four.
Marcie? Janine? would you agree ?

ozjane said...

Those larkspurs get my envy...too dry here. My Iris are no where near flowering. The dutch iris are
all out. Or a lot of them.
Do you have any Scillas...spanish bluebells......should give you some bulbs one day....or buy some if you have not get them.....they are cheap and the multiply...could imagine them looking good up there.

ozjane said...

Funny.......I just read your post..this winter here was actually
much colder than any I have known
for a while...although we do not have frost as we used to. Maybe we are more built up here and are less subject to it..but the big oval and grassed area behind me usually calls it in.
I have never really been cold before this year. Quite strange.
Maybe I am too.
I just went out and picked some Mt Fuji blossom and I do not think it
was out yesterday because a friend and I walked out in the morning.