Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what a difference a year makes

Ruby and Rowan here - we'd like to announce that we are all grown up and turning one year old today
and just in case anyone is wondering what one should give goats for their berfday ...

the answer ... as should be obvious to any thinking individual ... GRAPES
Catsmum clearly is well aware of this vital piece of caprine information because that is precisely what we have just received.

[ note from Catsmum - there is no photo of that because I was otherwise occupied with the business of 'not having fingers eaten off by grape-scarfing goats' ]

In a nice piece of synchronicity, this little guy was lurking at the Post Office this morning, clearly in need of adoption and a certain Catsmother felt compelled to buy him/her/it for the grandson who needs to be taught that we are neither sheep nor cows.
She very nearly kept him/her/it for herself, but the grandmother compulsion prevailed. She hasn't actually given it to Riley, you understand, but she texted #1 son and told him there was 'something' here for Master R which means that she can't change her mind... but if there's another one hiding out at the PO then all bets are off!


Rose Red said...

Happy birthday to the kids!!

Robbyn said...

My goodness, girls - a year old already? I remember when you were born - which to my addled brain seems like yesterday :)

Happy birthday indeed! - though it does seem odd that you should be Virgos...

Olivia said...

Happy birthday Ruby and Rowan!

Donna Lee said...

How beautiful you both have grown up to be! Happy happy birthday. And I think catsmum would be perfectly within her rights to keep the goat...although having told Master R that she has a surprise for him could make for a problem.

April said...


Happy, happy birthday Goats! What a beautiful animals you've become. Your Mom should be ever so proud.

But .. grapes?