Tuesday, September 16, 2008

that was the week that was

It's been a long week
not necessarily a bad one
but loooooong

Last Monday was the day for 'The Procedure' that had been cancelled a fortnight before, and Nadie drove up from Melbourne on the Sunday to help with David and to be my support person.
we had a few nice hours before I became otherwise occupied.
Monday was mainly spent sitting around drinking lots of fluid, ignoring the grumbly tummy, and waiting until it was time to go to hospital. I'll spare you the blow by blow details and fast forward several very boring hours [ thank goodness for Terry Pratchett! ]until I had come out the other side to the news that all's well.

Tuesday was spent recovering from Sunday/Monday and Nadie went home after lunch. Then I worked for a while one the current quilt

Wednesday was quilt group in town - totally manic in a good way and I needed a good lie down when I got home

Thursday? gardening, reading, housework and choir practice after dinner

Friday - coffee in town with Jeanette followed by dance class accompanied by The Bear who has two doggy mates that also come to class. No biscuit is safe with this trio around.
The day was glorious [ 22C] so gardening was followed by a ramble around the back of the block looking for wildflowers

tiny Leopard Orchid
equally tiny Sun Orchids [ maybe ]

after which I raced back into town to collect Nadie from the train and then David from work. Nadie was back up for the second time in less than a week because she was going to hold the fort with David on Saturday while I taught a quilt class in town.
By this stage of the week, the aftereffects of the General anaesthetic were catching up with me [ or something ] and I was beginning to feel both tired and migrainey, so an early - ish night later:

Saturday was another glorious day [ about 23C ] and fortified with migraine meds, I had a nice day with several of the ladies from my local group who were exploring Anjii's Angles which is one of my favourite techniques to teach

... Alison and her sister Chris worked together to create this top in a hurry for a family member who is terminally ill.

Sunday was mainly devoted to sitting in the sun with Nadie and doing some tandem Pratchett reading / cat cuddling / dog snuggling

pink baby top from a 1970s Mon Tricot. mystery 4ply [ fingering ] yarn and 3.75mm needles... possibly for the great niece due in December.
It's all done in one piece, side to side, and shaped with a series of short rows. I haven't made one of these in AGES and I'm remembering how much fun they are.
well - fun, except that this pic was taken at the point where I discovered that I had done four repeats too many across the front and would have to pull back before starting the other sleeve.

Gave up on TP's Pyramids that has had me stalled for ages. Started Guards!Guards! on Monday and have since finished it and cruised through Eric and Moving Pictures. Started Reaper Man last night.

Gardening: weeds!!!

In case you are interested, it is now slightly less than 100 days until Christmas
you may now panic


Bells said...

Glad to hear you are well!

Those orchids are spectacularly beautiful.

Tara said...

Countdown Duly Noted - General Panic has ensued.


Sara said...

Flowers are pretty...the baby top is so cute - neat pattern...

Hope you get to relax a bit this week...

and, thanks for the reminder - now I really can panic...someone put it into words!!!

Charlene said...

What a beautiful quilt, and a wonderful gift for their relative. I'm sure it will be of great comfort. Please pass on the compliments to the two quilt artists, Allison, and Chris. Glad to here that your well after your tests.

April said...

As a not very good quilter, I am so in awe of your quilting skills. The current WIP is gorgeous.

Hope you're feeling better soon! I find goat kisses to be very therapeutic.

Sarah said...

glad everything went well!
That sweater is too darn adorable!!!

Sheepish Annie said...

So glad to hear that the procedure went well. Always stressful when that sort of stuff is going on...

And you did, indeed, have a busy week! I'm all tired just reading about it and must now nap.

Carol said...

Your knitting is absolutely lovely, you can't beat those patterns can you. Hope you are feeling okay now.

Lynne said...

Not too worried about the days till Christmas, but it's only five weeks and two days beyond that till DD's wedding. I'm going to miss her.