Saturday, September 27, 2008

whatcha found Mr Bear?

what have you found little buddy?

brown and scaly
erkkk! - get outta there RIGHT NOW

oh, okay it's got legs

it was one of the Bobs* this time but if one kind of reptile has woken up presumably so have all the others ... the ones that don't have legs ... so I'm going to have to watch Bear because he knows no fear

Bear is still making loud and pointed remarks - through the screen door - about rotten bloody lizards having the temerity to trespass on his turf.

Some cheese may be in order. Bear is of the opinion that a good piece of Colby is very soothing to injured pride.

* Shingleback or Bob Tailed Lizards


Alwen said...

Oh, dear, and get the poisonous kind there. Be careful, little Bear!

Ajax is lucky poisonous snakes are rare here, but that didn't stop him from snapping up a wasp or two as a pup, ouch.

Alwen said...

?? I could swear I typed "you get" just now!

April said...

Ummm .. ICK!!! I don't like lizards that look like snakes. I'm more of a chameleon girl myself.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh that Bear! I'm glad he's out there protecting you from the Very Scary Lizards and whatnot. He should definitely get some nice cheese for all his efforts.

Such a brave boy...

Nadie said...

Very nice photo of Bob, unusual for them to sit still enough in relatively exposed spots. I guess he felt the proximity of the rose thorns was adequate protection. Hope the brown snakes are less in evidence this season