Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm trying not to be a nervous 'mother' and I'm trying to tell myself that by now it's all over, and Bear is probably sleeping the sleep of the newly de-knackered, but that doesn't stop me getting the fidgits

I would swear that he knew last night what was coming.
Those sad, reproachful little eyes.
The incredibly pathetic look as I handed him over at the Vet's this morning

I do firmly believe non-breeding stock should be neutered [ especially when the neighbours don't appear to have any such qualms ]
... but

... so I wait
and to fill the time I will share my comfy, shiny, red Jane Debster patent leather scuffs. Bought at the Op Shop for the grand sum of $2 and being worn purely and simply so I can show you that I've finished the second pair of Bripples.
Variegated yarns looks fab-u-lous in the skein or the ball, but sometimes disappointing when actually knitted up
especially in socks
especially with complex patterns
but plain, plain socks are so-o-o-o boring to knit

the reason I love this Broad Ripple pattern for socks, especially in hand dyed yarns, is that it is only 2 rows [ and one of them is just knit ] but it looks interesting without being obscured by, or obscuring, the beauty of the yarn.

Well that took my mind off Bear for a few minutes
Okay going now to have a nice soothing cup of chai with David out in the garden. There will probably be weed pulling and goat patting involved.

ETA: [at 4.20pm ] he's home, and alternating between racing around in his usual manner and then doing the bow legged walk. His first priority was the food bowl, having been starved since 9 last night, and then a quick inspection of the operation site. He's all snipped and [micro] chipped ...
I'm happy now :]


ozjane said...

Bear up Mother..

Rose Red said...

(blogger just ate my comment!sigh!)

I think you've done the right thing with Bear, as painful as it seems. I remember the worst bit for us when we had our cat done was when she tried to jump on our very high bed afterwards and couldn't make it. We had to build her stairs out of shoe boxes.

You are also right about the sock pattern - perfect for the busy yarn!

And red shiny shoes - well, what can I say but hurrah for the red shiny's!

Nadie said...

Given that the animals of said neighbour with relaxed views of such things happen to be Bear's mother and sister, definitely not something that you could let slide!

lol just noticed the word verification thingy - "wrurf". Maybe that means "get well soon" in dog.

Charlene said...

So glad to hear that Bear's recovering. Love the socks! Great colour!

Donna Lee said...

I feel the same way about pets. They should be neutered. When we had our boys snipped, they were much calmer and more peaceful. I haven't tried that pattern but it really shows off the yarn beautifully.

Alwen said...

I felt guilty, too, especially when they'd yipe and lick their stitches. That was years ago now.

I'm not much of a red-wearing person, but I think the socks and red shoes together look great.

Sarah said...

What fun shoes!! The socks look pretty fabulous too...