Monday, May 28, 2007

we now return you to our regularly scheduled Blogging

Normal, sensible people probably know their limits.

Normal, sensible people, when they are unwell, probably rest.
I have never claimed to be a normal sensible person.

Broken bum
Zero energy
So what have I done in the week since I posted last? Actually the fact that I went more than 2 days without posting is probably a clue of some sort...
  • Knitted a scarf and another almost finished something which I will unveil later this week
  • participated in eleven and a half hours of dance classes
  • taught my twice a month quilt class here
  • had another session over at Maryborough for the VicHealth Arts project I'm not allowed to tell you about yet.
  • hiked next door to feed PND's goats and dogs each day for a week and a bit.
  • joined David up to the local gym
  • chopped wood
  • read The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber. [ Okay I guess. Wouldn't bother buying them or rereading them - and that, for me, is saying something. If I'd read A Good Yarn first I probably wouldn't have bothered with the other one. Fluffy, predictable. Underwritten. Unrealistic characterisations but pleasant enough no-brain reads ... they're set in a yarn shop which is the only reason I picked 'em up in the first place but it's a little too " Hey, I'm writing a novel about knitters!" ]
  • helped a very stressed friend move house in a hurry
  • made samples and wrote up project notes for a magazine article ... more about that later ]
  • fallen asleep on the couch several times [ I wonder why ]

Housework : bugger all

Gardening: minimal

If I stopped dancing, I'd probably hurt less, be less tired and bounce back more quickly, but if I can't dance, I'm not a very happy [ or pleasant ] girl, so I choose to dance. Last time I had to stop dancing for 2 years while my knee rebuilt itself, I compensated by going to the gym every single day. Yes I'm obsessive. I know it. Was this really a surprise to any of you???


Sheepish Annie said...

Umm...I seem to recall a few comments over on my blog suggesting rest during illness. Given what I suspect is your usual schedule, this past week probably represented a slow-down of sorts. But, sheesh!!!!!

Are you feeling any better? Try not to "over-do".

Val said...

I second what Annie said. If you rest a bit more you WILL feel better and, uh, more rested.

And that motto "Knit from your stash". I should heed a paper version of that: Make books from paper stashed in closets and under the bed. Unfortunately I'm going to a specialty paper shop tomorrow, don't know if I'll be able to hold back...

Caitlin O'Connor said...

You poor sweetie - I'm exhausted just READING about what you've been up to!

What re you doing up reading at the computer? Get back into bed AT ONCE, young lady! AT ONCE!!

Mia said...

No dancing for 2 years????? I'm freakin' out about a missing a couple of weeks..! But then again.. I'm just a beginner. WAIT! I just graduated to Beginner PLUS ::laughing::

Donkey, cotton eyed joe, charlie brown :::sheesh::: how's a girl supposed to remember all that? ::laughing::