Friday, May 11, 2007

Move over sara Lee

What do an historic masonic hall, several large pieces of bubble wrap, empty milk bottles, some olive oil soap, plastic aggy pipe, old threadbare towels and acres of bridal tulle have in common?

Not much, one would've thought.

Then if you add in seven determined women, one fabulous tutor, a very accomodating shop owner in the role of gofer, some delicate silk tissu and a box full of wool and silk tops ... ??

Yes, the day had rolled around for the much anticipated nuno felting workshop with the multi-talented Faye Cunningham at Daylesford.

I can't even BEGIN to remember the last time I got to be a student so NOTHING was keeping me away this time. Particularly not that idiot woman swatting me on my injured heiny the day before [ drugs, lots of drugs ]

okay so

you start by placing the wool on the bubble wrap so that it is slightly under the edge of the silk. Well, actually you start with a cuppa and a demo from the tutor but after that ...then you position more of the wool on top of the silk and also on the first layer of wool but at right angles. Then you put tulle over the top, wet it all down with hot soapy water and you start in with the patting and gentle massaging. Gently, gently.

After what seems like one or two ice ages, it starts to felt and the tulle has to come off before it actually felts into the surface of the piece.

THEN you roll it and fold it and roll it again

....and again

...and again

... and again

another ice age or so later you rinse it in hot water


no ...not finished yet

NOW you get to thump the bejesus out of it

and rinse and thump and rinse again [ that's Faye in the black btw ]

and NOW?



We also have aches in places we didn't know we had, but meh! who cares about that when the results look like this, eh?

The last one, the blue and purple one hanging over the thai mahogany hanger thingy is mine. I don't know if you can see it in the photo but I'd shibori dyed my piece of silk ahead of time. I just love it. I may just leave it hanging in the hallway like this when I'm not wearing it :]


Sheepish Annie said...

That. Is. So. Cooooool!!!!! Some day, I will find the time in life to take neat classes like that! Of course, I don't think I will be able to come up with anything nearly as stunning. You do have the advantage of fiber talent, you know!

Rest up and make something else! When you make pretty things, it makes me happy!!

debbie jordan, elf4 said...

they look absolutely awesome! my dh is good at favourtie all time jumper in the hot wash in the washing machine!!!! that was many years ago, and if i had of kept it, i could have done something wonderful with it, but way back then it was just a very ruined favourtie jumper.......

Rose Red said...

They look great! Yours really is a work of art - I would definitely keep it hanging somewhere public in your house, so all your visitors can admire it!

lisette said...

wow! they look stunning... i was sad i couldn't go but looking at the process i don't think my back could have taken that sort of punishment. not yet anyway.

love your colours - a really beautiful piece

Nora said...

Amazing use of colour Susan.

Bells said...

what a cool concept!!! That's amazing. I can't quite get my head around how it happens, but I liked looking at it anyway. :-)