Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quilt Meme [edited and edited again ]

After that last post I thought I'd make up my own quilt related one for you all to try and pass on
Same rules

Bold for stuff you've done [ I've also used purple again to make it easier to read]

italic for stuff you want to do and leave the rest normal

nine patch

log cabin

curved piecing by hand

curved piecing by machine

hand applique [ needle turned ]

hand applique tacked edges

hand applique with fusible / blanket stitch

reverse applique [ hand or machine ]

Afro-American improvisational style quilt

hawaiian applique / tivaevae

machine applique


whole cloth

english paper piecing by hand

american piecing by hand

american piecing by machine

strip or string piecing

kaleidoscope or mandala [ not stack and whack]

stencilled quilt

hand quilting

machine quilting


quilted commercially with a longarm machine

3D folded flowers

made a quilt on commission

sold a quilt other than a commission piece

taught quilting at any level

stack and whack

stack and slash

Anjii's Angles [see link in side bar if you don't know what this is ]

embellished with embroidery, beads, etc

celtic applique / bias work

Amish style quilt

Cathedral Windows

stained glass quilt [ any method ]

had an original design published

written a quilt book [ or in my case part of one ]

scrap[py] quilt

baltimore applique

sampler quilt

japanese design

foundation piecing

crazy patchwork

silk fabrics

cotton fabrics

woollen fabrics


row by row

1930s or feedsack fabric [ only once for a shop so it doesn't count ]

1880s reproduction fabric

tea cosy

item for an animal

hand dyed fabric [ yours or someone else's]

round robin


non-traditional quilt

traditional quilt


full sized bed quilt





patchwork or quilted clothing


christmas themed [ quilt, wallhanging, stocking, etc ]

medallion quilt

raffle quilt [ all or part ]


baby quilt

landscape quilt

participated in a group challenge

exhibited a quilt overseas

made a prize winning quilt
... my darling daughter very quickly came up with several I'd missed. She obviously spent WAY too much time hanging with quilters when she was growing up!!! so:
impressionist flower garden quilt
doll quilt
biscuit puff quilt
One-of-a-Kind Quilt [ a la Judy Hopkins ]
and ones I meant to add and forgot:
freehand rotary cutting [ no rulers ]
bargello [ gawd how could I forget umpteen gazillion of them at class ]

if you want a giggle go visit Tanya who has posted a BAD quilting meme as companion piece to this one :]


crazyhaberdasher said...

Along with the email I sent, another possibility is - Leather quilt! - I dont know how that one would go down but I just saw it on 'Simply Quilts'!

catsmum said...

ohhhhhhhhh-kay then
leather quilts?
not in this lifetime

Anonymous said...

How about a colourwash quilt?

Anonymous said...

Here we go - doing it on my blog now!

Mia said...

holy list!!!

Isn't it time to talk about cloggin?? ::laughing::

catsmum said...

it's ALWAYS time to talk about clogging Mia ... went tonight, going again tomorrow night [ that's the fortnightly four-hour one ]

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay! I just knew you'd have an impressive showing in a quilt meme. Well done!

Sooziii said...

How about machine embroidered?

Love you list and off to add my own.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Wheeee! That was fun - I was surprised how many things I remembered I'd done. Oh, I'm going to add one - hawaiian quilt/tifaefae. Yep, definitely on the list!

Nola said...

Can't believe how much of this I remembered doing! Should have added tivaevae - I'd like to do that one day too, Caity! Better go add that to my list!

The One and Only Nadie said...

unless they were there and I missed them - puff quilt, doll quilt, quilted clothes, impressionist quilt, one of a kind.

catsmum said...

yes right you are [ except clothing was there already ]... you obviously spent way too much time hanging around quilters when you were growing up :]

The One and Only Nadie said...

I added a comment to Tanya's about you sewing through fingers :P Figured after seeing what a smartie- pants you are people might find it reassuring to know you do have the odd oopsie

Anonymous said...

Two very long lists...I have had a go to see what I have done. What about two colour quilts, rag quilt (I think they're called), Chenille quilt, vertical quilt....

catsmum said...

by vertical quilt , I take it you mean English strippy?
anyway, good suggestions but I'm going to stop with the list the way it is ... you can each add to it when you do it on your own Blogs and don't forget to come back and tell us so we can check it out :]

sexy said...