Wednesday, May 09, 2007

photos take two

I spent about an hour yesterday carefully crafting and polishing a post about the weekend's class and uploading the relevant photos. Just as I was about to hit publish, Windows decided it had a glitch and needed to shut down ... so sorry ... everything gone. So just for once it wasn't Blogger's fault.

Anyway right now I'm not feeling so spiffy largely because one of the ladies at quilting who didn't know about the broken coccyx gave me a hearty swat on the caboose, thinking she was being amusing I guess. Just as well she walked off as she did it or I might well have said something ... regrettable. [ Marcie, if I said a certain hairdresser named H, you'd know who I mean ]


I'm just going to give you the photos and I'll come back later with the names once I can actually sit down. [ Right now I'm typing from a kneeling position ]
Edited later to add:
okay I'm back so here's the relevant info:
First photo is a sashiko / vintage kimono silk cushion made by one of the 'Polla Bay girls in a class I taught at Daylesford. Then the wonderful Sister Pat who is well into her 70s and just such a sweet lady [ who disappears for an hour on Sunday morning for Mass but makes up for it by sewing like a mad woman once she gets back]
Continuing on, we have a general group shot [L to R ] Laurie, Sister Pat, Sue McKenzie, Pat Laird - maker of the sashiko cushion - and Evonne.
As you can see everyone made the same Mystery Quilt [ ie they had no idea what they were making until they did it ... such faith ] but with quite different colour choices.
Sue Mc K who was making this for a friend going through breast cancer treatment, hence the pink. One of the fabrics has the breast cancer awareness ribbon on it.:
My hostess with the mostest Judy:
and Laurie:
somehow I missed out on photos of the other five but they were nice too.

Just so you know: those teeny triangles are 1 1/2" square !!

For those who commented yesterday: the caboose is better today [ drugs! Lots of drugs ] which is just as well cos I spent the whole day learning how to do Nuno Felting. About which I will blog tomorrow.

Yes, you have to wait.

Practising patience will be good for you.


Nora said...

Did you sashiko that pillow in the first pic? Love it!

catsmum said...

No that was done at a class I taught at daylesford a month or so ago. Val who did the cushion lives at Apollo Bay so she brought it along to class so I could see it finished.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you poor thing!! I hope you are feeling MUCH improved very soon - the photos are fascinating and I want to know more!

Bells said...

don't you hate it when you lose a whole post like that? Grrr..

Absolutely stunning work!!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, you poor thing!! Rest up and get better. I can't imagine how much that must have hurt. And just how much restraint it must have taken to not let loose with a few better-left-unsaid names for the swatter!

But the pictures are just wonderful and tell the story rather well. So much lovely in one post!!!