Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nuno redux and saturday sky

The photos I posted yesterday of my nuno piece were taken at night and the colour was WAY off, at least on my monitor, so here it is again in the clearer light of day [ well sort of ... it was still taken inside but now you can sort of see the shibori dyeing] and hanging properly thanks to some strategic pinning. It lasted like this for about a minute and then Oakley decided to take a swipe at this interesting thing that was so conveniently at his level.
I love my cats but not so much that he can use my newest creation as a cat toy
so it's now folded more over the bar as per yesterday and hopefully out of the reach of those claws. I'm just glad I was there and caught him at it before he could actually do anything. The possible consequences had I not ... UGGGH ... just the THOUGHT of all that work shredded!

and saturday sky about 8am and up to 5 degrees from an overnight low of 3C .


Tanya Brown said...

Wow. It's so futuristic-looking, like something from a science-fiction movie! Pretty, too.

Lisa L said...

That is absolutely fabulous! I've never seen anything like it - worth every minute of the effort!

Val said...

Would this be the first time that felting was married with a Japanese aesthetic?? Very effective!

3ยบ??? We'd better remember to bring the doona when we sleep up at our bush block next weekend!

catsmum said...

yup you'd bettter
it was 2 degrees twice during the week!

Nano said...

That is just beautiful! It's a work of art that deserves to be displayed, out of the reach of cats of course.