Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Wednesday:[ edited ]

No hope of a coherent neatly segued post today so here's the midweek random bullet points [ an idea I pinched from Sheepish Annie who in turn purloined it from someone else. Some person in authority. I don't know who. Most likely the Astronomer Royal ... oops sorry... went off to G & S land there for a sec. Anyway...

  • First up we have Happy Squishy Mail on Monday:

From Julia's unbelievable De-stash contest, this: glorious stretchy cotton / lycra handpainted sock yarn and pattern from Greenwood Fibreworks and one of Yarn Harlot's books.

and in the same mail, this: from Elspeth . She promised 'something nice' if one was game to flash the WIPs ... and something very nice it is. Two balls of On Line's Linie 14 kid mohair/ acrylic which is destined to be a beret for David's friend Jessie, the princess of HotPinkdonia. It was nearly a toss up but Her Majesty Queen Beryl of HotPinkdom can't cope with mohair ... AND three frogged balls of NORO Silk Garden in one of my two favouritest colourways. Maybe a felted mitred square book bag? Anyway both these girls were incredibly generous and both sent out their parcels airmail from the States to boot.

Also a trio of magazines plus two at the newsagents. Two NZ Quilters, one QNM, one DUQ and Simply Knitting. It's all too much to take in so after a quick flip, I'm rationing myself. My brain goes into meltdown if too many mags arrive at the same time. Anyone else have that problem?

  • I was booked to do a bellydance demo om Monday morning with my teacher for a bunch of senior cits. Woke up convinced that she wouldn't show so I took the CD player and music with me and threw in the clogs as well to be on the safe side. Ever heard of a self fullfilling prophecy? So I ended up doing a couple of eastern dances and then changed into the taps and gave them three clogging numbers: Sold, Old Hickory Lake and Bad Moon Rising. Guess who I ran into in town a half hour later and who is NEVER going to be allowed to forget that she forgot :]

  • Yesterday was Purls' Princesses [ SnB without the bitching ] over at Daylesford so I showed off all my happy squishy mail, checked out the new yarn colours and knitted on the Hug Me Tight from Knit2Together. I just luuuurrrvvve this design. I'm doing it in BWMs Caprice [ 50% wool 50% alpaca 8-ply / DK ] and cast on 170 stitches last Thursday. First you knit a big rectangle in 2 x 2 rib which gets folded in half and partially seamed for the sleeves and then knit the lace separately before sewing it all together. Of course there will be amendments made. The lace in the pattern, pretty though it is, is an 18 row repeat with no plain 'resting' rows so I'm substituting one which is a 12 row repeat with alternate rows in plain knit. Don't know about anyone else but there is no way in hell I'm doing over 80" of a 6" wide lace pattern that I probably can't memorise and don't much care for anyway.

  • I spent some time on the weekend hand painting some 12 ply [worsted] wool/angora from BWM and after rinsing and drying it, had it on the swift so that I could wind it into nice, neat centre pull balls with my nifty wool winder. I wandered off to feed the goats so Oakley in his infinite kindness decided to help me take it off that funny spinny thing. Whatwas a single 200 gram ball is now one big ball and one little one. Any suggestion s for what I can make with it? I have a couple of small balls of purple and blue in compatible weight that could go with it.

  • The colour in that photo is more pink than it actually is so here's a closer approximation

  • oh and this is Nadie looking very exotic at Cirque de Soleil last week. We didn't purchase the mask which was an absolute steal at ONLY $160 something. [ yes that was me being sarcastic in case you couldn't tell ] but she looked gorgeous so I snapped the photo as quickly as I could. She also took one of me but you're not seeing that one cos I deleted it.

  • and last but not least ... on the quilting front I am out to the borders on Riley's Quilt and the next THREE projects are lined up and ready to go. What??? That's normal, right???? No I'm not starting them just yet. I have a Mystery Quilt Class to teach this weekend in Apollo Bay which involves a four hour drive each way so the broken coccyx and I are not planning on any unscheduled sitting at the machine, or in fact any where else if I can help it, for probably the next week... or two. Except for Mothers' Day. I'll have to drive down to Melbourne AGAIN for that I suspect.
I've just spent 2 hours trying to upload photos so I think that this is your lot for tonight folks.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Is the hug me for Nadie or you? ...verrry nice!

Sheepish Annie said...

Yup...I totally stole the "bullet points" idea! But it was a crime of necessity given my Wednesday schedule so I think the courts will grant me some leeway on this one. Mine never seem to have as much of the "coolness" as yours does, though! Lots of yarn and magazines and interesting stuff!

Rose Red said...

All those goodies - you are lucky! I think the lace pattern you've chosen is lovely (I agree, nicer than the one in the pattern) and Nadie looks just gorgeous in that mask (as she does without it!)