Sunday, February 11, 2007

just call me Noah

I know that Nadie jokingly suggested that The Boy's parents send some of Queensland's excess rain down here, but seriously, I didn't realise that they had THAT much pull with the gods of weather.

Skies were blue, clouds were fluffy white and then THIS rolled over the horizon accompanied by the sound of thunder but high up. Yeah okay ... a bit grey but that means zip... and when the thunder is that high overhead we generally get zero in the way of precipitation.

So no need to get excited yet. I go back to painting the en-suite and even when I have to put the light on, even though it's only about 4pm, I really don't give it too much thought until the lights flicker out.

About ten seconds later and someone has started firing off a canon. No wait ... that's rain on the tin roof. I'd kinda forgotten what that sounds like... and that's not fog folks it's rain and my driveway doing its impersonation of a river.

It's POURING down. Where are those directions for building an Ark when I need them ? Okay... two of every kind? I've got two cats... check... two goats...check...

Putting the ark idea on hold, I then wade out to unblock the storm water drain that feeds down to the dam cos all that lovely wet stuff is running off down to the road. As I stand there getting drenched through to the undies, lightening and thunder go off simultaneously overhead and I speedily come to the conclusion that standing outdoors holding a large lump of metal in the form of a shovel isn't the brightest thing to be doing in the middle of a thunderstorm.

About this time Rosie and Robyn chime in to let me know that they are cut off from their shed by the rising tide and being the fussy little madams that they are, don't want to get their feet wet, so as I go back inside, accompanied by the sound of complaining goat, I find Rosie perched somewhat precariously on the back doorstep [ as in literally ON the one-brick-wide doorstep ] while Robyn has taken refuge at the other end of the house and climbed onto my bedroom windowsill.


My bedroom smells like a wet goat which is marginally better than wet dog.

You can see the goat paddock cunningly disguised as a lake of silty water and floating goat poo behind Robyn. I don't particularly blame the pair of them for wanting to stay high if not exactly dry.

I was going to show you a photo of all the shit [ literally] that ended up in the dam but it's just too gross. Thank God I don't have to rely on that for washing or drinking.

But I no complain ... oh no ... rain is GOOD


crazyhaberdasher said...

Ah!! Thank God for the RAIN!!!....and may there be heaps more, you may have to rethink the two goats situation, two females?

Caitlin said...

Damn it, we didn't get any of that rain yet! Give it back!

Sheepish Annie said...

I know that flooding can be bad and all, but my god I just couldn't stop laughing at the goats in the window!!

In other news, I found the belly dancing dvd I wanted and will be ordering it in the next couple of days. See what you did????????? Soon I'll be living with goats on my windowsills and have 52 Christmas trees!

Madge said...

Hi Susan - Thanks for visiting my blog (via Mehitabel)! Your letter, should you choose to accept it, is S. :)

Flooding = mess, but your post cracked me up. Poor little wet goats!

Caitlin said...

Ah, I see you sent some of that excess rain back up our way today - seriously, we had storms coming at us from all directions! Hope you're holding out and the goats and found somewhere less...cosy?! huddle!

Erica said...

Sharing the rain - how exciting it is to see it pour out of the clouds! Ours has stopped now - can we have some more in a couple of days?

Nicole and Phil said...

thanks for the comments on my blog. Weed whacker quilt is finished.....scroll down a bit further on the blog, and you will see it...sometime in january!
Nicole, Belrin, Germany

Tanya Brown said...

I hope the rain has softened a bit by now.

For whatever reason, despite the knowledge there was goat poop afloat, your photos gave me a lovely cozy feeling.

catsmum said...

oh yes, well and truly! we had 50mm [ 2"] in half an hour and nothing since. It's been very very hot all week so very humid as the water evaporates. More rain would be goooooooooooood :]

jacqui said...

In Melbourne tonight we have the clouds, we have the distant thunder, we have the early darkness but ...will we get the rain? I'd take the goat poo if we could have the rain as well!

April said...

Goats! GOATS! GOATS!!! Oh luverly, luverly GOATS!!! How cute, how adorable. I love me some goats. =)