Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bits and Bob

It's hot, it's steamy and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to today's post. Basically I'm just catching up on a few photos that I didn't manage to fit into other posts over the last week.

So first we have one of the local wriggly things ... Bob3... doing a good impersonation of a snake. He's a shingle back or bob-tailed [ hence his name ] lizard and part of a group that seems to like living amongst my roses but given the possibilty that anything brown and slithery might not be one of the Bobs, I still exercise caution until I see legs. For the record I have not seen a single snake in the 2 years I've been up here but that doesn't mean they're not out there. I DID try to get him to pose with a ruler so that you could see that he's about 8" long and much bigger than either Bob or Bob2, but he declined to co-operate in a very definite and messy fashion that I won't elaborate upon.

Next is a completely unrelated Op Shop [Thrift Store ] find... a children's stencil set by Spears dating from about the 1920s. It was really the wonderful graphics on the dusty, dilapidated box that attracted me but even so I hesitated over the $10 that they were asking for it. Dumb I know. Probably wouldn't have thought too hard if I'd seen it at that price at an antique fair. Anyway once I got it home it was fairly obvious that in addition to the original 1920s animal set that it originally contained, there were a couple of sheets from a 30s Art Deco set and a much later lot from maybe the 50s . or early 60s judging from the car and the jet. The pink elephant's trunk has been sticky taped in the dim dark past and you can see that the duck/goose has lost her legs but the more modern lot hasn't been used at all. I've glued the box back together and tidied it up . Still think it was pricey for an Oppy though.

THIS is what I gave Nadie for her 25th birthday on Monday : an ankle bracelet and the tattoo

David gave her THIS:

and I'm still waiting for her to Blog about her birthday :]

THESE are some premmie hats I've knitted over the last month or so and donated this week

and finally I just had to share last night's sunset with you. I was inside and the whole front of the house [ facing more or less East ] seemed bathed in deep golden pink, so I went out and looked back over the roof towards the West and saw THIS : When I walked through to the back to take some more, Rosie and Robyn came over to enquire whether I wanted my elbow nibbled [ no thankyou ] or the camera strap eaten [ ditto].

I had a really interesting day today that involved tibetan monks, sand, a new hat and some wool but I'll probably tell you more about that next time.


crazyhaberdasher said...

How can you tell which Bob is which? I thought the only ones who COULD tell would be another Bob!

catsmum said...

well yeah, I can't tell Bobs 1 and 2 apart but Bob3 is a fair bit bigger... and as to whether each is a Robert or a Roberta? Well THAT requires getting a lot more personal than I would really want to with a flippin' lizard.

Lisa L said...

I LOVE Nadie's bag! And the hats are too cute! Send some of that hot weather our way - we could use some!

Sheepish Annie said...

Great pictures! I do so love seeing the green things right now what with all the snow that is currently covering my corner of the world.

And I am positively a-quiver with anticipation regarding the tibetan monk post!

Rose Red said...

Oh I love your op shop find (but yes, it perhaps is a bit pricey for an op shop). And beautiful sunset - the sky is so much bigger in the country, isn't it!

mehitabel said...

Oh, I really like your stencil find! I have a nice collection of stencils but none are that old or interesting. And I'm very excited to be able to do some quilting this week, too--I was quite chagrined to discover that my quilting gear hadn't been touched since my trip up here last year!

Robbyn said...

I love your stencil find - I would judge it to perhaps a bit mnore pricey than necessary - but worth it all the same :)

I also love your girl's tattoo :)

And your goats :)

Karma Chicks said...

HOWDY - Karma chicks here - you are the winner of Nora's yarn but you didn't leave an email or address - please contact us again on so Nora can post out your yarn. - LUCKY DUCK> Donni

April said...

GOATS! Are those Nubian goats? Or some strange "down under" breed?

catsmum said...

Rosie is a pure bred Swiss Saanan [ very good milkers but she isn't a mummy yet so no milk ] and Robyn is a Saanan/ Toggenburg /Boer cross. Toggies are another milking breed and Boers are South African meat goats