Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy mail, spinning and a pain in the proverbial

Do you have yarn in your stash that you will probably never use but is too good to toss down to the Thrift Shop? I know I do. So do the wonderful gals over at GoodYarnKarma and so they've set up a Blog where you can give, receive or exchange those yarns. Needless to say, it is NOT all about the receiving only folks.
I've already been the recipient of Nora's largesse when this gorgeous ball of Opal lobbed into the Post Office Box the other day. I can even admit to you that there were several other offerings that had me drooling but I managed to restrain my baser self. I have a little pile of my own all sorted and ready to go. Basically just need to be sure that a particular friend doesn't need some of it first.
Quilting wise, I'm playing with something very new that you can't see yet, and the Challenge quilt looks much the same as when you saw it last.
Knitting wise, I'm making this but out of a purple /blue yarn. First side done, second side started at the Drs during my one hour wait. Yes. I know I'm so close to finishing my modified version of this little top [ changed the lace , kept the shaping ] but just had one of those " gotta start a new project" moments. So shoot me :] and just in case I didn't have enough on the go:
Friend Di came over yesterday and helped me overhaul the Ashford wheel that my dear friend gave me last month. I spent a lot of yesterday just practising treadling. Thank God for dancer's leg muscles!! No actual spinning to show yet.

Now the rest of this post is of a medical nature and probably very boring so feel free to surf on:

I've just had a VERY interesting visit with my GP. Those of you who've known me for a while are aware that I've had periodic episodes of spinal ''difficulties' with the L4/L5 ever since falling down a flight of stairs while I was preggers with dave [ so 29 years ago nearly ] but nothing really major recently. Right? Okay. Well about 3 months ago, I sat down hard on the gravel slope between the house and the shed and my coccyx has been letting me know about it ever since. Only when I sit or get up mind you ... but REALLY unhappy. Maybe it was just getting jealous of all the attention L4 & L5 used to get. Who knows?
Anyhoo, our relationship is not good at this point. I keep telling the base of my spine it's a pain in the bum ... and it really doesn't have an adequate comeback for that.
Dr thought it would settle down. It didn't. So last week I had x-rays done and today was the follow up. No evidence of a dislocation or similar ... but what DID show up was a very old CLEAN BREAK right through the coccyx that had never been picked up on because presumeably everyone was focusing higher up on the known damage to L4 and L5. You tell an x-ray technician to do a lumbar series and of course that's what they'll do. As no-one thought to order a full set........... I got to limp around with a broken bum. As you can imagine, the being pregnant part of it meant no x-rays, no pain killers, no anti-inflams. For five bloody months. No wonder David's delivery was so bloody painful.
So there we are. The recent fall hasn't rebroken it or anything, just made it unhappy. We're going to try acupuncture.


Tanya Brown said...

Oh, my heavens! The coccyx situation sounds dreadful. I'm glad there's at least more definite information now though; sometimes that's the first step in addressing something.

Wishing you well -

lisette said...

youch! hope you have some good painkillers there and some heat packs. and i love that bag!

Nora said...

Susan, I've closed the Cleckheaton offer - it's yours!! Please re-send your postal address to

PS: I'm glad the medical profession is now offering alternative therapies.

Sheepish Annie said...

I seem to recall your posting about that fall...that's a long time to be hurtin'! Hope that it all clears up soon. Can you get a sling for that or something? ;)

The One and Only Nadie said...

29 years to diagnose something that obvious and people wonder why I have no faith in doctors.

As for it being a pain in the bum, I don't blame your posterior for not dignifying that one with a response.
Not that I would ever dream of accusing you of talking out of your backside anyway.

I'd say take it easy, except that I know you, so I'll just wish you luck with the acupuncture.

Good Yarn Karma said...

Thanks for mentioning Good Yarn Karma - we appreciate it - and will look forward to any donation you might like to make in the future (hint hint ).