Sunday, February 18, 2007

I mozzed myself

I shouldn't have made that ' no snakes in 2 years' comment in the last post.

Today as I stepped out the back door, a snake wriggled between me and the doorstep. ERK

Before you all panic, it was about 12" long , pencil slim and only interested in getting away from me.

I looked it up on the Museum of Victoria site and it seems to be a red-naped snake. [ except that this isn't supposed to be their territory ... more to the northeast] and yes they are venomous but then all aussie snakes are. One site labelled them dangerous, the other said that they rarely pose a problem for adults.

It was actually the second reptilian visitor of the day but the other was much cuter... a very fine boned, incredibly fast member of the Dragon family. He stuck around long enough for me to get the camera too. He's about 12" including tail.

Now getting back to Thursdays post:

Robyn and I decided to have a girlie day before she starts back at Uni, so...

we started with coffee and then a visit to the local library where the

monks from Drati Khangtsen in Tibet were creating a sand mandala. All of that was done with coloured sand poured through long brass cones.The monks were quite amenable to my taking photos but I kept the flash off so's not to disturb the meditation. We both bought bracelets, and then back to the car and off to Kyneton where we mooched up and down Piper street which is where all the antique and craft shops are. Purchases were fairly modest ... a sunhat given I'd come out without one, a black china cat for Nadie, some cards , lunch and some wool to knit a hat for felting. Not that I really needed the wool but the pattern was tossed in free with purchase and I figured that I might as well do something in the recomended wool for once. Huge mistake. The pattern was not worth the paper it was printed on ... Heaven help a beginner who tried to follow it... the wool wasn't particularly soft to knit with and a ginormous amount of dye ran out of the hat when I washed it. It DID felt up ok but the strong teal, jade and navy I chose is now a soft purplish heathery mix. As it happens I quite like it but it wasn't what I was aiming for.
Still, despite the heat, and the whinge about the pattern, a lovely day was had.


Sheepish Annie said...

Very, very cool mandala! Hard to believe they can do that with mere sand.

I'm not really afraid of snakes, but I think that comes from living amongst the non-poisonous variety. I'm not sure what my reaction would be to the wriggling death on my front doorstep! Eek!!!

BTW: the tape measure in my last post is, in fact, the Lantern Moon model. I couldn't resist!!!!

Robbyn said...

Thank you so much for posting the picture of that beautiful little lizard - it was a real treat to get a close up picture of the handsome little guy :)

The sand mandala was breath-taking too - what discipline it must take to create something like that - and to just sweep it up afterwards!

Nora said...

Susan, please email your postal address (re karma yarn) to

The One and Only Nadie said...

Thats a great photo of the lizard, especially considering how quick those guys move! He's a cutie :). Glad your first snake experience was of the small timid variety.

The sand mandala looks so intricate, but I guess tibetan monks pretty much invented patience. Very cool.

vanessa said...

eek on the snake!
you have a very cool library!
i hope your tailbone fees better, and the acupuncture works.