Tuesday, February 27, 2007


If you have a good memory, you may remember THIS quilt:

which I finished last October.

You may also remember, if your memory is really, really, really good, that it was made as a sort of sibling for the one I made Beryl for a certain significant birthday in aught six... of which there was never any photographic proof.

For all you know, I could've been making it up, right? That quilt might have just been a figment of my vivid imagination. After all, almost no one over here got to see it finished. Maybe I DID make it up.


Here 'tis. Beryl's quilt and mine for almost side-by-side comparison.

Pretty much the same cuts of the same fabrics, different positioning, and of course, different kanji. Hers says friend. [ cos she is ] and mine says peace.

and I'm a happy little vegemite because Beryl is over from tassie at the moment and coming up on the train tomorrow for four-and-a-half days.


The One and Only Nadie said...

My love to Beryl, and tell her next time she's staying 2mins down the road from me she can bloody well come have a cuppa!

Quilting Diva said...

Hey Sue, my emails to you are boucing (no response from your ISP).

Can you email me an alternate email addy?