Saturday, February 10, 2007

catch up

Wednesday morning started off with a coffee in town followed by a couple of hours of belly dancing. The first hour was Susie's new beginners and not a class I would normally go to. She'd had an abdominal exploratory last week so I was there as backup if needed. She's a stubborn beggar so although I probably WAS needed, she managed pretty much on her own apart from taking over for 5 minutes when she needed to 'be elsewhere'
My normal class should've finished at 12 but was running 20 minutes behind. No matter. I had to go. I raced back home, shed some of the glittery trappings, grabbed a large suitcase of quilts and headed for Maryborough [ 40 minute drive ] trying NOT to exceed the 100 kph speed limit while still arriving by 1 pm ... which I did ... just.
This meeting was in the order of a meet-and-greet for the ladies who will be involved in our arts access project for the next 6 months. The gallery officer welcomed me and talked about the project. I showed them some of my stuff... and talked about the project,
Jenny Bacon, quilter and health professional showed her quilts... and talked about the project... and then we answered questions and had afternoon tea. I had to cut that short and jump in the car because of the need to be back in town to pick up David at 3 ... which I almost managed.
Luckily the rest of the day was a lot calmer.
Thursday, Friday and today have been fairly unremarkeable.

the Lotus Blossum tank top from Interweave Knits summer 2006 in 8ply [dk] cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills in a plummy almost pink. I started out doing it as per the pattern and decided that the pattern required more concentration than I want to give it at the moment, so I frogged it and started again. This time round I'm doing the body of it in good old feather and fan which can be done without putting the brain into gear, while reading or watching the teev. It's really the SHAPING of the garment I'm attracted to anyway. So far I've only done a couple of inches so I haven't photographed it yet.
Just finished Bellydancing for Beginners , a novel by Liz Byrski. Really good except for the contrived cop-out last page. Such a shame. It almost ruined an otherwise fabulous read.
Also just finished Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher. #8 in the Dresden Files and just as good as the previous ones. I wonder if we'll ever get the Dresden Files tv show here?
Torchwood DVDs

finished objects so far in 07 :
cotton polo for Riley
pr socks also for Riley
premmie hats for donation [5]
pairs of wristwarmers [5]
covered coathangers [4] and yes I know they're daggy but the clothes DO hang better
sashiko cushion

and so far these are all from my stash!!

and in the "Weird but True File" we have the dietary quirks of my goats. Apart from the fact that they managed to eat a complete 20 gallon plastic tub, Rosie will eat celery and banana skins, Robyn won't. Both love carrots but Robyn won't eat them straight from the fridge and has discovered a liking for Nadie's leftover rice milk which Rosie won't touch. They both eat roses, thorns and all, but only Rosie will eat holly leaves... AND they necessitated the replacement of every fly wire screen that they could reach [ all the bedrooms basically ] because they bloody ate them too!


Sheepish Annie said...

I have never once in my entire life uttered a sentence that includes the words "a couple of hours of belly dancing." And I really want to now. I'm going online to search out a beginner dvd. I have mixed feelings about the glittery trappings, but can that really be far behind?

I'm also feeling a little foolish as I didn't know that the Dresden Files is a book series! Must read!!!!!

You're keeping me hopping over here! ;)

catsmum said...

oh I Luuuurve knowing that I can be a bad influence from half a world away :]
btw as to the glittery bellydance trappings, you really only need the hip scarf with the coins and that's so that you can hear if you're doing the moves correctly. There is no need for a middle aged sheep to bare her navel. My personal private navel hasn't seen the light of day in decades.

Caitlin said...

NEW JIM BUTCHER!!! Woot! Lovelovelove tthe Dresden series, his other stuff is just silly.
How cool that your project is underway!
I did a couple of bellydancing classes when I first got here but I didn't much like the teacher - might have to grab a DVD, eh? I have the lovely jangly hip scarf languishing in the bottom of the wardrobe...