Tuesday, February 06, 2007

and we had fun fun fun till Daddy took the T-bird

There was a cool change of sorts over night ... no rain of course... and so today has seen us with temps in the mid 20s C. Still summery gear but temperate.

Just as well because today was the first official ...meeting? .... assembly? ... getogether? ... of Purl's Princesses which is Stitch n Bitch without the bitching :] The weather being a touch more suited to pursuits of a wooly persuasion than it has been all week, Jeanette and I headed to Daylesford where we were almost bowled down the hill by the wind. Inside Purl's Palace however was an oasis of calm ... lovely wooly pheromones and luscious scents.

The inaugural GTG was attended by seven ladies and we had a very 'civilised' time. Knitting was done, felting and fulling admired, magazines and books perused and interesting teas imbibed from Zoe's beautiful japanese teaset.

THIS is what I was working on for most of the morning and no, it's not for Riley. Any guesses? It's in 3 strands of nearly 30 year old 2-ply laceweight so probably equivalent to sockweight or maybe DK on 3.75mm needles. I'd already finished and blocked the body so today I picked up for the sleeves and did those. Would've done the neck too but I managed to break one of the set of 3.75mm dpns so that was that until I got home. I spent the rest of the time sewing up the black alpaca fingerless mittens [ which I haven't photographed yet so that's a post for another day ] Anyway, here we have the always stylish but sadly blogless Robyn working on her Noro Silk Garden jumper [ sweater if you live in the U.S. ] while Alison checks out my mags. Jeanette [left] is knitting a sock on straights but only has part of the pattern so far. We're all waiting to see how it turns out.Barbara is working on a sweet vest in 8-ply [ DK ] from a Patons pattern.

This non-wooly ring-in is the sample I'd promised Zoe for my sashiko class using her vintage kimono fabric and if you're looking for confirmation of how anally retentive I can be, there are precisely seven stitches in each and every arc.

I managed not to get any photos of Faye Cunningham or her wonderful felted silk scarves or the funky little fulled bags. Sorry, you'll all just have to wait till next month.

Now I know that you must be absolutely bursting to know what/who the little wooly garment is for [ and if you're not, well ,tough luck ] so in the interests of maintaining the best of mental health amongst my gentle readers I give you....
drum roll please maestro
my tea-shirt
it's a t-cosy folks :]
Mmm I think a pot of Chai would be nice right about now. Will you join me?


Helen said...

What a fun idea for a tea cosy - it's original to me!

Caitlin said...

ARRRGH it's a TEA SHIRT! Love it! Lady Grey or plain Dilmah for me, ta, and no bloody teabags (I an always taste the paper, can't you?)

catsmum said...

I can't claim credit for thinking up the idea of a tea-shirt... saw a photo of one in a mag a while back, filed the idea away in the dim dark recesses of what I laughingly refer to as my mind, fished the idea out again on the weekend and went my own way on the construction

Laura said...

Tea shirt! I'm dying! At first I was thinking maybe for one of the bears you showed at xmas, but this is far better! And I bet you'll get a lot of use out of it.

Robbyn said...

Oh I love the tea-shirt - I've been happy with the one cozy I've made, but I may have to make another one now :) That's seriously cute!

I'm also interested in how pleasing my eye finds your arcs which I am certain is partly due to their precision.

Nora said...

Susan, I'm terribly envious of your book collection. Sashiko embroidery is my passion!

Sheepish Annie said...

Genius!!!! It is the perfect shape for a teapot and looks like a great use for the stash yarn. Tea Shirt...hee hee!!!