Monday, October 04, 2010

A Treasure

I thought you might like to see this: an incredibly fine filet work crochet bedspread designed and made by my talented godmother Gwen in the early 1980s and passed to me about 5 years ago

As it happens, this week G [ who was my late mother's best friend from a very young age ] reached a fairly significant milestone.

The big 9-0.

So I marked the occasion appropriately
by passing into HER keeping the quilt that I made 20 years ago for Mum's 70th birthday.

Gwen and I are in firm agreement that it is the thought that counts, so I know that this particular piece means far more to her than anything else that I might have newly made, and I can't imagine a more fitting custodian

and you probably thought that it was the bedspread that was the treasure ... which it IS of course ... but really ...
I meant Gwennie :)


ozjane said...

Lovely spreads and lovely story.

Donna Lee said...

Wow. Beautiful work (from both of you). Happy Birthday wishes to Miss Gwen.

Robbyn said...

What a splendid piece that counterpane is! I used to dream of being able to create something like that.

Of course the quilt is quite beautiful as well :) As is your dear Gwennie. As are you.

Deniz Bevan said...

Wow, those are both gorgeous - and what a lovely story!

Kate quilts... said...

What a lovely thing to do.

Alwen said...


What a sweet thing to do, and how loverly.